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The connections between worlds are tenuous at best, and some of the "simple" truths we clutch so frantically to are little better than drift wood on the endless sea of possibility. The young knight Morenth knows this better than most.

Having reached the pinnacle of his order, he has achieved the title of Paladin. As a slayer of all that is evil and unnatural one would think his faith indestructible, but Morenth harbors doubts.

Desperately, he throws himself into battle after battle, seeking to blind himself to the truth of his world. The truth that no matter how much light he brings to bear against the darkness, the struggle between good and evil will never be won.

Meanwhile, the unicorn prodigy, Twilight Sparkle's faith couldn't be stronger.

With the teachings of her mentor and the help of her friends, she has overcome even the darkness of King Sombra. Restoring peace not only to Equestria, but to the Crystal Empire as well.

During her adventure she was forced to use a form of magic she'd only seen her teacher use once. Magic Celestia could never have guessed Twilight would have to use.

Dark magic.

Curious as to how far she can take this new power, she runs afoul and finds herself in a world that truly reflects the nature of this new magic.

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Well... this most certainly is a thing.

Ooo, looking forward to more of this :pinkiehappy: don't you dare keep us waiting :pinkiecrazy:

1675565 Well, Paladins are best D&D class. :moustache:

Lawful good? More like lawful AWSOME!:rainbowdetermined2:

So.... What the hell is this based off of? D&D? Skyrim? Cause I am pretty sure Dawnbringer is a Skyrim weapon. Or is It a world you invented and just borrowed some names?

1676300 Barrowed the name, I just couldn't think of a better name for his sword than that. I just like the ring to it.:twilightsmile:

As for the world, it's invented. Though I would be lying if I said I didn't draw a lot of inspiration for the feel of the world from the Neverwinter universe.

I know it's harder to illustrate a new world than to barrow from existing ones, but I'd like to think I'm up to the task of creating a detailed fantasy world.:twilightsheepish: keeping my fingers crossed:raritywink:

Well, if you ever need some help. I would be happy to aid you. This story is promising. :twilightsmile:


Much appreciated:twilightsmile:. If you have the time I have need of a proofreader for quality assurance:trixieshiftright: as well as bounce ideas off of.

Message me if your interested.:twilightblush:

This is actually really good. I love how much description you put into everything, but made it so its not too much at the same time. Really looking forward to seeing the story grow, and if you need help with anything please message me, it would be amazing to take part in such a great story. As much as I want more chapters, please don't rush it, keep it good.

This looks mighty interesting, keep it up!

My God I see you everywhere!

You'll probably be at my new story later after submission as well...

thank you for the complement:twilightblush: I look forward to not disappointing you:twilightsmile:.

You know I took a month at a time to write the chapters on my other fic, it's ok just not as hmmmm.... Deciplined? As this one?:rainbowderp: I wrote this in one night as an experiment in speed writing and I really like the results. So imma pump out chapters with a quickness, so please tell me if the quality starts taking a dive, because I really want to improve my writing.:rainbowdetermined2:

Ooooh, now he's got something to protect. And poor Spike, having to watch Twilight disappear like that, it's gonna be hard on the kid. Now we just need to see how Twilight reacts to being rescued by an unknown species. :pinkiehappy:

Dang this is getting exiting!!


It's so good I'm actually having a hard time believing this was a speed write.

Do you have a proofreader? First line - "The caverns below the keep were black as pitch as Morenth..."
I'm assuming you mean pitch black?

Anyway, really nice chapter, keep it up. I look forward to seeing more of this. :twilightsmile:


"Pitch black" actually comes from the expression, "black as pitch," which likens an object to the color of pitch: a black viscous tar-like substance used as fuel in the middle ages for torches and such. It's an early precursor to oil.:twistnerd:

But thank you for pointing it out.:pinkiehappy:


I see. I knew they used some sort of oil for their torches but I never really looked into it. I think the thing that bugged me was that "as" was used twice with one word between. My mistake, also on a side note, when do you expect the next chapter will be out? I must admit, its hard to wait. :unsuresweetie:

Give me two days just to be on the safe side, but since I'm on a 24 hour shift right now it might be out later tonight (day in back in the states).

All I can say is that the action didn't end with chapter two, and while I want to keep the action train rolling, I foresee a slower chapter by five... Though I strive to make it my goal to have at least one physical altercation per chapter.:rainbowdetermined2:

I've always loved Paladins. Skyrim Paladins are bad as fuck once you get high enough into Restoration. Never played D&D or WoW so I've got nothing for them, but this has great potential so keep it up! I'm a major fantasy guy so if you need help building your world more don't hesitate to give me a figurative call.

While fights can make the story interesting, It is good to have balance. A good story needs both fast and slow parts, as contrast draws readers more into the story while making the faster scenes more interesting. As always, keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

All I can say so far is so awes-. No... no that's rather overdone.... Ehem. Very well done so far, very well done. Quite the interesting idea as well, very much looking forward for what is to come.


A story can't continually be awesome. It needs its highs and lows to make it good.

I forgot where i read that from but it's true. Anyways this story seems pretty interesting so i'll follow.

Then I shall endeavor to take you all on an emotional roller-coaster:rainbowdetermined2:. Keep you eyes on the sky.

Events beyond my power (a 36 hour work day) has delayed the release of the next chapter. As much as I would love to have worked on it I don't trust myself to write anything coherent let alone my usual standard of writing. So the next chapter sould be released sometime within the next 2 days (if your back in the states (nights by my time)). Sorry about the delay.:fluttershysad:

No excuses.
Write while working. :twilightsmile:

yeah... just kidding, It's fine, as long as the chapters still get out eventually.

I'm a sucker for tales of paladins and the light vanquishing darkness and the undead. Consider your story tracked.

I take it Morenth looks like the man in the picture? If not I'll imagine he looks like Captain Titus.
(The badass guy right here)

great job once more my friend...i wonder how this will end

let me know if you spot any errors, the computer I'm typing from doesn't have a spell checker.

1676300 Your thinking of Dawnbreaker...

1706669 This isnt a skyrim crossover...

A few spelling errors, but a good chapter nonetheless.


Dawnbringer is a Skyrim weapon.


1706715 Just noticed i stepped into another persons argument...*Walks away*

A truley well written chapter, keep it up.

Great, now I have to wait for more....poop :twilightangry2: Still good chapter keep it up! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Thanks for the update, this is really shaping up to be an amazing fic. I can't wait to see his reaction to the kind of magic she was playing with.

*mouth. I was short lived as he once - mouth. It was short lived as he once


Or what her reaction will be to the kind of magic she can learn in his world...:trollestia:

Lets just say Twilight isn't going to remain at "level 1":twilightblush:

once again my friend you've done great...now if you'll excuse me i have to put my self in the shoes of another character for the next hour :pinkiecrazy:

Twilight sometimes lacks logic and does stupid things. You showed that in this writing. Good job!

Btw, are they going to get to Equestria or is it a Different dimension where twilight never returns?

1709364 if i know sage like i think i do...its going to be a surprise


It's gonna be another "Machinations of a trickster"

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