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This story is a sequel to 64 vs. Equestria

Featured: 7/27/14
Now in the employ of Princess Celestia, Project 64 must come to terms with his new life and what it will bring, but how will he do that with the visions and memories of the past coming to haunt him at every corner? What new enemies will he face? With his new abilities he will embark on a new adventure, this time with friends and allies alongside him.

This is obviously a sequel to 64 vs Equestria, so any constructive criticism is incredibly encouraged.

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Duplex: Shadow Clone Jutsu!!!

More 64, ahhhhhhh ya! :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowlaugh: love it

Looks like it has potential :pinkiehappy:

I just wish there were an alternate story where Vi survived and became her own person so that she could live a life with 64 :pinkiesad2:

3713981 Vi is going to "be" there. But not in a happy way.

3714004 What do you mean by that? :raritydespair:

3714004 I'm gonna pretend you didn't see that

Great story

Took ya

There should be a twist were he finds out he's not a genetically engineered creature, he's a clone of a creature from another realm.

Please make the grey print darker, it's hard to read.

Welcome back 64!

Still I don't like it so far I don't like being thrown into action with out some back story of the bad guys and "ghost" and "Marescow" every time you ponify a name a small dog dies.(DON'T FUCK THIS STORY UP I LOVED THE FIRST ONE!!)

This sauce is definately flavoured awesome. And look! It comes by the gllon!

The bartender yelled as he picked up an empty Vodka bottle and smashed it into the head of the stallion, effectively knocking him out.

That will propably kill that guy.

I like you've story. You say it won't do as well as the original, because it might as well be a fact that in the world of literature the sequel to a story with a solid ending is never quite as good as the 1st story. However, that dosnt mean it can't still do well. Hell maybe with your literary abilities and our(the audience) tendency to point out mistakes we can work this thing into being nearly as good! So do your fans a favor and do your best to make this great. Also, would you kindly not make the name of nearly every place in this fantasy world into a pun? If you really can't resist/avoid doing that though please remember that it is fact that at multiple different sentient/sapient species live in on the same planet (namely griffons, dragons, and diamond dogs. Also zebras I guess) and probably each have their own, realistically large civilizations with cities they named (that way your can attempt to make dog/lizard/bird puns for cities/places as well.) That is all I have to say.... besides have a happy new year.

HOLY SHITT :pinkiegasp:

So when does Celestia pay for the 60 counts of infanticide?

3715478 That is some bad timing right there.

3715285 What? But look at how sorry she was at the end of the last story, and how quickly she forgave P64 for trying to escape from torture and captivity!
Surely she doesn't need to pay for those foals she killed and harvested?
They were propably not going to do anything productive in their lives anyway. And I don't hear the victims complaining, do you?


are we gonna see how the villian from the last story is fairing in her stone prison?

3716256 ... I don't know if you're being sarcastic or serious, but I do know that you are disturbing.

3718157 srsly tho, when does the solar bitch get a boot of justice to the head

Question: Have you thought about my offer to help pre-read? Just asking, 'cause I'd love to help.:twilightsmile:

I have mixed feelings about this sequel. I'll have to wait for more chapters to make up my mind.

Don't rip off Brave Little Toaster plz


3718062 Yeah there should be a sarcasm button somewhere on my keyboard. But i do think that Celestia got off the hook too easy.


3718157 YEAAAAA!

yay the sequel is here


first its Clovercloud
then its Cloverfield?

3729522 Thanks for that catch.

but something in his gut was telling him there were some innocent Changelings in these caverns which were going to be killed.

Those would be the eggs, 64. Y'know, the baby Changelings who haven't even done anything yet? :ajbemused:

You have to admit that It would be kinda cool to have cloverfield as a character.:ajsmug:

Very nice. I love it when a changeling has a big role in a story.
Does he feed only forcely or can he feed just by being around love?

3730256 He can only feed by actively doing so. Emotion doesn't just flow into him.

3730128 Fucker would rampage through Equestria and the only footage would have would be shaky camera phone quality.

3730304 I would assume that, that is a skill that must be learned overtime.

Vi's ghost is in his head, and a changeling colt wants to help him.

And 64 rides it into battle:pinkiecrazy:

Sequal! Changeling partner! I'm so excited I could just explo-*BOOM*

...Worth it...

3729953 Relax, they're not ponies, so he can leave as many to die as he wants.

3733400 ...Well, that's nicely sociopathic of him. :pinkiecrazy: (Note, this is mostly humorous).

3733491 Mine was too.
(But seriously, he's no longer the underdog fighting against the odds for justice, he's a government-sanctioned killer now)

We will be watching.

I wanna picture of 64 and ghosts


3746564 Well my artistic skills are next to none, and I don't know if I can commission an artist to make any drawings.:fluttershysad:


3747366 chill on the all caps rage bro. If you've seen a changling you've seen them all, as for 64 he seems to be described as average build, shaggy dark brown hair, most likely slightly tanned. If he had a 5 o'clock he would be your average videogame hero. So asking , sorry, demanding for art about these two would be a bit redundant.

Luna: And sister, without his help 64 would have never come back from this mission alive...

:trollestia:Celestia: I wouldn't mind

5 bits he jumps off


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