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Who is Discord?
What is he?

Long known as the mischievous Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, he has been scorned by pony-kind for as long as any pony alive remembers. But where did he come from? Why does he do what he does? What's his side of the story?

None know save the two that were there when it all began, and Discord himself.

This is the story of Discord, Celestia, Luna, and Equestria as you never knew it, as told from the perspective of Joseph, the human that unwittingly found himself in the middle of an age-old battle for power and justice. This is the story of the atrocities hidden in time and forgotten by the masses, yet that still define the world around the Elements of Harmony. This is a Discordant Tale.

Note: This story only takes into account canon that has been established by the first two seasons of the show. Elements introduced in Season 3 may or may not be incorporated into the story, but not necessarily in the same context in which they were first used on the show.

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There are no kings.

Doesn't that make this a stalemate? :rainbowhuh:

Tragedy, Dark, Comedy. Nice to see I'm not the only one who thought to write something with that combination of tags. Brohoof. /)

*cough* I have no idea what you're talking about. ._.

1394030 There are crosses in the ones on A.

I like it. I demand more :flutterrage:


Hearing those words (Technically I'm reading them, but you know what I mean :3) really makes the effort I put into this worth it. I'm planning on weekly updates for Thursdays/Fridays, but I'll put up an early chapter if I finish the current one before then. Don't want to exhaust my work buffer.

1395564 To me any story with Discord is a story worth reading.

head explosions,the best part so far :rainbowlaugh:

Discord sure likes to make rant after rant .
I track this

Interesting story, this could be a good world-building story, my only concern is the "you can do magic now" schtick, so I shall see where that goes first before making any judgements. Other than that few/no spelling or grammar errors that I could find. Keep up the good work!

I love the amount of technical detail you go into about everything. That's, like, the perfect way to explain why Unicorns have to learn spells rather than just using their will to do stuff!

I normally put stories in the read later bin until three chapters in, but fuck that! Liked, Faved, and Watching you! This story is going to kick ass!:rainbowkiss:

This gave me a boner...
In my mind...
With thoughts.
I like it

I think that your strongest skill in your writing is the rich, technical detail you go into, and I don't see any shortcomings in your style, either. The author of 'Becoming Chaos' focuses so heavily on emotions, rich language, and world-building that the action is sparse and the pace is incredibly slow. You have good pacing, the action was fast paced and appropriate, and the characters behave how they should. Everything flows logically and you give reasons for everything happening without slowing down the story.

Overall, this is really good. I'm almost shocked that this story has grabbed so little attention. Maybe if you had a more exciting cover image, you could draw more people in to get more momentum behind this fic?

1426512 I have to agree here, I'm amazed that a beautiful fic like this hasn't been picked out of the sludge that is Sturgeon's Law...

Cover imaes are extremely important, which is why I am waiting for a friend of mine to create one before I post a story of my own.

I made my own cover image like this not out of a lack of options, but because it was the most fitting way I could find to give readers a glimpse into the possible drama that could unfold later on without actually spoiling anything. That, and chess just ties in with the 'battle of two powers' theme well. Any suggestions as to what would catch the eye while not sacrificing too much depth?

1428120 Your cover art is nice, but it sort of went over my head. Perhaps there is an image of Discord playing chess that could be more suitable?

FIRST PUNKS and well done. i really like Josehps inner voice.:pinkiecrazy:

I bet Twilight knows all the rope and binding spells.:twilightblush:

Yar, this be pleasin to my wooden eye!

Good to finally see the new chapter up, waiting for the next...:pinkiehappy:

yarr me thinks i might need a tad bit more of this here story:moustache:

I wouldn't worry too much about the teleportation. As long as your brain remains intact, there's a good chance that you can be fixed!:pinkiehappy:

Joseph broke one of the main safety rules of magic. Never let a inexperience user try to teleport you.

Dude, dude. Shh. It's magic.

The best excuse in Equestria.:rainbowlaugh:

A ten foot wingspan? Wow.:rainbowderp:

Pegasus wings are huge in this universe.:rainbowwild:

And wingboners must be deadly.


Smaller than they'd actually be if they had to fly in ours, but I compromised on realism so that they'd fit the unrealistic theme of the Discordant universe.

And judging from what I read while looking up the chapter, they'd need wings between twenty and thirty feet long just to GLIDE. Physics is a pain, so let's just go with the generally accepted mythos and say they use magic in some part. :3

1586003 I prefer to just go slowly insane, it helps with the finer details...

On an unrelated note, am I the only one that can see jesus in the corner of the room? :pinkiecrazy:

By the way, here's a pic of Cashmere. Aint she a beaut? :3

The part about Celestia's soul reminded me of Soul Eater, where Shinigami's soul encased Death City, Nevada.


Let's see how many other references I can fit in...


And as always, alcoholic-bipolar is best pony... :pinkiecrazy:

...In most cases...:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

lets,se Joseph go super sayian on Celestia.

Heh, Pinkie Pie gave everypony infections.:rainbowlaugh:

Keep them comin that's good readin.

This story is so brilliant, I thought it would've been more popular... Told you, you should get better artwork, no offence to anyone but fimfiction readers are shallow

well he has an interseting personality or two.:pinkiehappy:

I'd say that Joseph is a pretty well-rounded character. He is an intelligent, scheming, cynical, insensitive jerk that he's meant to be portrayed as, but he's also able to cut loose when he's in his element, and he has his fair share of flaws weaknesses.

When the unexpected happens, he doesn't immediately come to the best solution. He has to work through stress and take time to come up with reasonable excuses. He can also be overly confident, which leads him into situations where he has to make those excuses.

It's always a good idea to introduce a few healthy flaws into a character that are tied to their very nature, so that they don't end up as Mary Sues. I think that Joseph can be described as a fairly "successful" character without succumbing to the "can do no wrong" thing that marks Mary Sues.

By the way... If Twilight and Joseph are able to physically interact with the objects and atmosphere inside Joseph's mind, would they be able to interact with each other?


Eeyup. Whatever happens is what they expect to happen. Remember the explanation of the Stream, where everything that happens is as a result of prior expectations and wills from all those involved in the event? When only two people are involved, it's split 50/50. So in the mental realm they share, it's JovTwi for anything that happens, and one would most likely be neutral for anything the other does, so what happens is what the non-neutral expectation was.
Now, if they had conflicted beliefs for anything, nothing would happen. There was no scenario for that, so it didn't happen. Elegant, no? :trixieshiftright:

im hoping that there wont be a Twilight x human cliche moment.

another awsome chapter. thank you good sir

Exploring the Everfree for fun and profit! Twilight would probably pay for Joseph's aid in her research, if her royal stipend covers it.

Maybe Zecora could offer strike up a deal with Joseph as well? There must be plenty of hard-to-get ingredients that a cunning, tree-climbing predator would be a great help in acquiring. Now that he has no technology to turn to for entertainment, maybe Zecora could even prescribe him with some 'medicinal herbs' to help with his boredom?

By the way, I'm pretty upset with the lack of recognition that this story has been getting. Would you mind if I whore out some advertising in other stories' comment sections? Maybe I could ask some other authors to put in a good word? This story is awesome, and it sucks that it didn't make a big entrance. If you posted this story at the right time, I'm sure that it would have ended up being featured at one point.:fluttercry:

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