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Death and rebirth was a constant trend in Lordran, those who died too much crossed the line of no return and had simply gone hollow. But what if the first flame, had been lit for the final time, all events transpired simply not repeating. But taking place in a world where death was final.

NOTICE: Since I have completed it, I will be editing this in due time. Until then, enjoy the story.

This is a Dark Souls crossover with MLP: FiM, before the whole Tirek incident. So you will need to know about Dark Souls lore and up to date with MLP: FiM. So for those who don't know about Dark Souls Lore, watch this guy, he is awesome. VaatiVidya's Channel.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 278 )

The curse can never be broken you should know that

4497490 It's a crossover, such things happen.

4497490 The age of man...No undead....only life.

4498333 he said the curse cant be broken, the age of man can break it.... HENCE THE NAME OF THE AGE! :pinkiegasp:

Comment posted by Seth Typofather deleted Jun 5th, 2014

4499434 OMG, the Equestrian ecosystem! :raritydespair:

never mess with a hollow champion:rainbowlaugh:

...oh, Lordran. At first I read Lordaeron and that the title referred to a different kind of Forsaken...

4513558 Simple mistake anyone can make. :twilightsheepish:

Also what do you think of the story itself? I would really like some criticism of the good and bad things. I mean, if you want. :yay:

Oh, well, I haven't actually read it. Nor do I intend to, honestly. I'm not a huge fan of Dark Souls, so a dark souls crossover simply isn't that appealing of a premise to me. and then there's the "will need to know about Dark Souls lore" warning, which kind of seals the deal for me since I don't know much about Dark Souls lore.

sorry. :fluttershysad:

4513671 Hmmm, I got it! How about putting a link for newbies to the lore that leads to VaatVidya. He explains the lore in an understandable way. Not only will I be introducing people to a great lore. But also helping a youtuber earn subs while I get story views fairly.

:pinkiehappy: I'm a genius!

4588657 Praise the Sun indeed fellow sunbro!

Is it sad that I had to hide in a spot the iron boar couldn't reach me, and chuck black fire bombs to even kill him?

I wonder how they will react when he eventually dies, and re spawns, and goes off to find his lost souls.

4601260 he will probably say something along the lines of, "oops, dropped my wallet":trollestia:

4601826 Sadly, in this world the curse can't follow (no immortality! :raritydespair: ). So if he dies, he wont revive as there are no bonfires and all bonfires in Lordran are simply cut off due to the dimensional travel.

4601193 You can plunge kill it, but that right there is also a good strategy.

Whoa he managed to enrage Solaire! THE BEAST IS AWOKEN! SUN BRO POWERS ACTIVATE!

Next thing you know, Solarie calls favors from all his sunbros to help with this

4613800 Lol, or he could slaughter those corrupt ponies on his own with blood raining everywhere! :pinkiecrazy:

You know alot of peopld make fun of solaire but he boss when he helps and also when is kurai going back to ponyville i want him to surpise everybody about his return

4613815 I think that might be a good idea, I decided to put Nito in this for a reason.

Nobody fucks with Solaire.


It's not clear WHAT Kurai is. Is he a Undead Knight? Just a Undead? A Player? What? (I haven't played Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2 yet, so excuse me if I sound stupid.)

No offense, but it seems the quality keeps on going downhill from Chapter to Chapter. :applejackunsure:

4688160 In what way? And Kurai well, he technically is an undead knight (though the curse in Equestria has no affect on him). For him to be a player would kind of wreck the story for me and turn it into a trollfic like "Twilight Gets Invaded". After all this is only my first fanfiction so that is to be expected, the ending has already been planned out though so there is that to look forward to.

4601193 Not any worse than what I did to kill it the first time. I just made it run into a fire constantly till it died.

4707521 I feel like a fool for having killed it the first time by waiting for it to show its butt after it attacks then wailing on it with a sword. Stupidity, recklessness or bravery. I will never know. :facehoof: Oh well. "What good is bravery without a dash of recklessness!"

i had to kill solaire........i cried :applecry::applecry: stupid sunlight maggot

4711951 no you had to aswell...im sorry :ajsleepy: *brings you in for hug*

Out of all the characters I had to kill in the game, Solaire was the saddest:fluttercry:

4733311 Why is that if you do not mind me asking?

4733359 Cause some asses need a Gravelord beat down I reckon!!!

4733384 Haha! Like Nito? Or who else do you have in mind?

4733397 EVERYTHING...also maybe Diamond Tiara cause let's be honest nopony would miss her.

4733398 Noted. But I have a special punishment for her that would be far more satisfying for all planned.

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