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Now the program has been opened, the keyboard pulled from it's sheathe, words are typed and offer (mental) sustenance, a fate I must abide! (Gravemind voice)


When Altair, Ezio, and Connor wake up in Equestria with one Apple of Eden, they must learn to cooperate with the locals, or face punishment and torture, or so they think.
WARNING: Spoiler Alert in first chapter for AC games.
In no way related to My Little Halo.
All products within story belong to their respective owners.
And lastly, no; Legend is not Master Chief in THIS story.

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HMMMMMMMMMMMMM I find it interesting. :pinkiehappy:

Altair so won that fight


keep it up its gunna get better

i'm intrigued...do go on:trixieshiftright:

i'll give it a shot

This will be interesting... I've got my hopes up for later chapters... :trixieshiftright:

Three assassins. One world. One destiny.


hmmmmm...still unknown....but i'll keep watching but if they're pussy ass assassin's like the rest...(some fics make them pussy's and stupid..)consider me gone.....:trixieshiftright:

dont fuck this up bro

2241454 AHAHAHAHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I have no plan to make these guys pussies. I'm going to make sure they're total badasses with a bit of human side to them to show that they're not completely killing machines. I wanna show how they are still capable of caring, but without making them wimps.

You have beadier continue this or i will kill puppies

Ok I waited for one day WHENS THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!! :flutterrage:

2251012 Thanks for giving me that wallpaper lol


You're welcome

Hey can ya give me a hyperlink to My Little Halo? Also This is a story that i'll fave before reading due to that fact that asses will get kicked at some point.:pinkiecrazy:

Edit: Ooops nevermind i found it but still this is gunna b gud!

Kind sir, when i saw the title you merely had my attention. Now that i have read it you have my interest. please continue! :pinkiehappy:


No one can compare to legolas at archery.

2282247 I completely agree, but I was just showing what was going through my mind when I was writing that.


Legolas kept count when he was on it. If that doesn't scream badass I don't know what does.
"it still counts as one!"

2282354 But, I never said Legolas wasn't a badass!

I'm amazed Ezio kept his composure

Good chapter, though, isn't it "Ezio Auditore de Firenze"?

This was worth the wait


Well then... i hope altair bitch slaps celestia.

I want to slap both Connor and Celestia. -_-

wtf is doing the chief here?

2282536 I hope Altaïr bitch-slaps everybody. :trollestia:


2282777 of course. Because Altair is best assassin.

2282730 i STILL find your profile pic completely horrifying.

2282633 No we must bitchslap them as equills.

Not bad so far, just one thing. Did you shrink the humans down to the size of infants? Celestia would probably be the only pony capable of matching a human in height. Also, while Manticores are big they aren't elephant sized. I would say they were more carriage sized.

He was taller than his escorts by a factor of two, although his posture said he considered them his equals. In front of his eyes, a strange type of rimless golden glasses kept them from seeing into his eyes. His mane and tail were both incredibly short and were a black so deep it seemed to absorb the light around them. His coat was a dark olive green and multiple scars were located all around his body not unlike the craters on the moon. One impressive scar ran along his entire left length. The only piece of armor he wore was a gold piece with the symbol of the Sun that went across his chest. On his flank was a picture of an oddly shaped shield, two katanas of some kind crossing in front of it, with the skull of a dragon sporting a crack on top of those.

master chief ?

the crossover of double crossovers
so does this mean no alicorn chief for your halo crossover?

If I'm not mistaken Legend is the Master Chief but from another crossover I have and am currently reading. I have also seen this description and name being used in one or two other stories. Either everyone is asking the same guy for his Master Chief ponified version or there was a general agreement amongst the writers when it comes to his name and description. :rainbowderp: But I am liking what I am reading so keep it up. I do have to say that Master Chief does seem oddly at out of place though.

What the fuck, Chief?

Comment posted by GuiltTripper deleted Mar 18th, 2013

Btw which ezio are we dealing with?

i been looking for this kind of story with all three of them in it thank you, you made my day

2284072 The Revelations one turned young.

2282730>>2283183>>2283494>>2283694 Yes, it is the ponified Master Chief from MLH, but this guy has a different history and is in no way related to MLH. Here, he is simply the General of the Royal Guard.

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