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Paladin Redflare

Redflare has homely house inside a tall green hill 'pon the outskirts of Ponyville, practicing his faith, training his body, and honing his skills. Hero and Paladin of Equestria.

My OC - Me:Redflare

Fire Elemental, Giant Pony, and a Paladin of Celestia's Holy Light. Now without further ado, the art that made Redflare look how he does and find the power that he has! All of it done by amazing artists (Minus the Pony Creator of course) who allowed me to realize the full potential of my Ponysona!

Redflare's Reference Sheet made by Pisceschick on DeviantArt (Pixel-Dee on Tumblr)! Shoulderpad made by Hexfloog

Latest Stories

ALL the images/vids #2

Have some feels!

Now for teh gr8ist Gears of War scene ever!

Now for my favorite scene in God of War!


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Celestia and Luna, they are the Light, I am their conduit.

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