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Paladin Redflare

Redflare has homely house inside a tall green hill 'pon the outskirts of Ponyville, practicing his faith, training his body, and honing his skills. Hero and Paladin of Equestria.

My OC - Me:Redflare

Son, Father, Paladin, Angel. Protector of Equestria, aaaaand Bodybuilder!

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Light bless you, strangely kind nurse!

congradulations *confetti pop* you have been selected by me the great Queen Chrissy (in desgise) to recive a random comment of the day may the wealth and happiness of the world rain apon you and may your days be blessed
Chrissy The Queen of the swarm (in disgise)

Thanks for the fave BRUH! :rainbowwild:


  • Viewing 264 - 268 of 268
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I am the Blessed, and these are the best ponies.

Celestia and Luna, they are the Light, I am their conduit.

Willow Ceresia Sunstrider is Best Pony and Princess

The Psychopath is best author and pony pal. :pinkiehappy:

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