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Paladin Redflare

Redflare has homely house inside a tall green hill 'pon the outskirts of Ponyville, practicing his faith, training his body, and honing his skills. Angel and Paladin of Equestria.

My OC - Me:Redflare

Son, Father, Paladin, Angel. Protector of Equestria, aaaaand Bodybuilder!

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Repent for tomorrow you die.

The plague doctor is aware of your existence heretic

Comment posted by The Psychopath deleted Apr 9th, 2021

Light bless you, strangely kind nurse!

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I am the Blessed, and these are the best ponies.

Celestia and Luna, they are the Light, I am their conduit.

Willow Ceresia Sunstrider is Best Pony and Princess

The Psychopath is best author and pony pal. :pinkiehappy: