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Coconut of Doom

I've, uh, since quit the fandom. But ill pop in once in every blue moon, so feel free to message me.

Main OC

This OC is mine. You cannot use it without my permission.

Trail Breeze
Gender: M
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 28
Personality: Differs depending on the situation. Mostly good natured.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Royal Guard
Position: Chief Officer
Living Location: Canterlot
Religion: Celestial
Appearance: White coat, red mane with white streaks. Has a cutie mark depicting that of a sword and shield. Orange eyes.
Family: Unnamed Sister, Unnamed Nephew
Other Notes: Upper class British accent, athletic build, favors the sword and shield in his line of work.

Stories I've Edited

This Page Will Soon be a U.S. Military Page, Forever and Always

United States Marine Corps

United States Navy

United States Coast Guard

United States Army

United States Army - The Green Berets


<>I dont worry about the future, it will be here soon.<>

My Work


Popped on, thought I'd give you all a laugh · 4:17am February 5th

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2421344 Ill check it out at some point. Don't know when though, as both my Read Later and Favorites shelves are clogged with stories yet to be read.

Love the name. I feel as if you might possibly like this story, that is if you haven't already read it. It is my attempt at making a Dark Souls and MLP crossover. So far it is at a slit in like and dislikes, but I am shamefully promoting it... to you. If you wish you can read it, or don't... also sorry for possibly wasting your time. >.<

2392466 No Worries, Herding Instincts has been a very fun story to write. And it's not my first romance, though the other ones are not clop.

2392457 No problem, lad. Stories such as the one previously stated always intrigue me... I have a slight penchant for romance stories, you might say. I just hope that this one actually is seen to the end and doesn't go on indefinite hiatus, as many I have read previously has.

For this lad, it would be unfortunate. But then again, not unexpected. I have terrible luck.:twilightblush:
In any case, your welcome.:twilightsmile:

Thanks so much for adding Herding Instincts to your folders! And remember, comments are greatly appreciated! :twilightsmile:

Love where your going with A US Marine in Equestria so far. Take your time on it, I'm a patient man, and the story is defiantly one of the more unique MHiE I've read on this sight so far. (Though I find new content everyday.) So you have my Follow and my Fav.

Good luck. Cheers Mate! :moustache:

2370152 Thanks! And thanks for the follow, too!

If you have any questions over the military ask me. I'll try to help you the best I can.

2369656 Consider it a thank you for not verbally murdering me. Again, you have my thanks and respect for not doing that.

Thanks for the follow



TFW no Gold and Dark Silver Tracers or Ciaran's Set in DS3. Sad day for fashion souls.

2335579 Ahhh, grazie! Much grazie! Your a cool dude too! Everyone who plays Dark Souls is cool....


But your alright!

Your pretty okay.

I like you.

Have a follow.

This user page reeks of Dark Souls.
I also see you have a PSN account.
We are friends now.:rainbowkiss:

2286650 Another comment not shown in my notifications tab. How wonderful.

In regards to your question, I enjoy the mothman legend very much and have even done my own research on the subject.
Sláinte mhaith!

2286468 Again, not shown in my notifications. What the hell?
Anyways, yeah. I do my research before I write. But, i'm trying to make Crouse seem a bit laid back. While he understands the direness of the situation he is in, he is trying to remain calm and make the best of it. Besides, he believes he is in a coma.

Thanks for adding An Equestrian Moth to your Shelf of Mystery! May I ask what made you do so? :twilightsmile:

It seemed a bit more real then a lot of stories about military people. He is following some basic survival steps though not a lot of them. You may find the book "US army survival guide" a helpful reference.

  • Viewing 113 - 132 of 132
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