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This story is a sequel to Kurai the Forsaken

Being a parent is the biggest responsibility one to could have. The most resilient of mares chew through walls from the stress, the most bravest of stallions crumble from the responsibilities. Our favourite warrior of the sun having just become one after an official court hearing for custody seems to take it in stride despite Princess Twilight Sparkle's warning on the challenge of being a parent, so in retaliation she accidentally begins a bet. Seven days of being a dad, will he survive without pulling his hair out with a sword?

Rated teen because Dark Souls

This is a Dark Souls crossover with MLP: FiM, before the whole Tirek incident and before the 7 year time skip from the prequel story. So you will need to know about Dark Souls lore and up to date with MLP: FiM. So for those who don't know about Dark Souls Lore, watch this guy, he is awesome.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 16 )

I will happily upvote any DkS crossover...I'm quite shameless really.

This is a bit to far for jolly cooperation :pinkiesmile:

My b3t is that sw33t talk will end up starting a fire within the week.

4804927 They become MLG's so fast... *sheds manly tear of weed*

you don't get the joke do you

4805009 Oh...OH I SEE. The marriage thing?

You know how solar said jolly cooperation when helping deafest beast well the joke is he is cooperating a bit more than intended....its funny if understood the first time:facehoof:

4806416 Yeah, I sometimes don't get joked at times... :twilightblush:

4824258 Yup, now imagine that with a still view of the club house.

4832601 No problem, it's just a side sequel until the true sequel to keep you all busy lol

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