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Haha...chemistry joke

[Welcome, one and all, to a group celebrating the unconventional and uncanon! A group for AU's of all kinds from silly off the wall humor to serious political war fics. Feel free to post any and all Alternate Universe fics here to expand our Fimfiction experience beyond the boundaries of space, time, and most importantly canon


1.The Golden Rule: Treat each other with respect in the comments and in the forums.
2. All stories submitted must twist the FiM universe in some way, shape, or form. It can be as small as changing the gender of one of the main characters (ala The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine) or as big as completely inverting the dynamics of the original series (ala A Glint of Light on Broken Glass). Either way, it needs to somehow twist the original premise of the show.
3. Please leave suggestions/concerns/complaints/hate mail/marriage proposals/death threats in the forum

As this group grows, I hope to incorporate writing contests and other events to keep things interesting!

Some Special Folder Notes

Hall of Fame: The Best of the Best. Nominate a story for this category in the Forum. If 10 other users agree that this story is of the highest quality, it goes up

Fish out of Spacial Water: Where a character from the normal FiM universe finds themselves in a different universe (i.e. On a Cross and Arrow)

Rule 63: Genderbender fics

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Quick Question:

Is it okay to put a story in more than one folder so long as it fits those said folders?

Quick question, is there any reason why there isn't a 'Drama' folder for this group?

Nice to meet you all!!! Any ideas for an AU? I was thinking one where the mane 6 are monsters fighting the princesses for freedom.

Has anyone ever done an AU based on the idea of "What if Twilight failed Celestia's test"?

Tut mir leid I accidently put a story in the wrong place how do I remove Order of Eclipse from the dark folder?
please help

This could be the right group for me, sometimes me and my friends have had ideas for character twists, and sometimes I've disagreed with how some plotting in the show goes, and I felt a couples characters deserved more development and involvement with Adventures Twilight and her friends would have.

Seems I am bound to be in here.

If AU is gold, I seems to be as rich as a Bloody Troll.

I guess I am to place a few stories as depository, but how many do I need to leave before you are all happy?

Question: if the main story does not take place IN an alternate universe, but said alternate universe features prominently in the plot, does it get the tag?

hello, nice to meet everypony :twilightsmile:

This group has caught my INTEREST!

Comment posted by Sir Slime deleted Oct 25th, 2013
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