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I'm back again, with a brand new rewritten chapter of... · 3:54am Aug 21st, 2014

One way ticket to equestria, yup! That's right fuckers! I'm back for the hundred time! I finally got my touch back and extremely motivated to write! I'm sorry it took so long but hey, better now then never right? Any ?'s just put them down and I'll will reply as soon as I can.

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Hey there buddy:twilightsmile:
Hope your infection isn't causing you too much grief:applecry:
Anywho, just wanted to let you know I posted my new Hearth's Warming Tale. That cover art spot is reserved for you whenever you finish it (I just used a google image in the meantime, so it doesn't look so naked:twilightblush:).

So, just curious here, have you read the story yet? if so, then how much and do you like it?

acquire? you mean use for one of your stories? go right ahead! All I ask is to mention me somewhere, Idc where but just a little note :twilightblush:

Sir, if I wanted to say... acquire one of your cover arts, how would I go about doing so?

Enjoy the story:derpytongue2:

Thanks, I'll be a while though, have to read a lot right now :twilightsheepish:

Black and white is fine, and if you could do a comic, you will make a very happy Drakalian:pinkiehappy:, of course, just do what ever feels natural, and of course, do it at your own pace


Dang, 6000 words every day, You deserve a reward, Anyways, It's not that I'm super uncomfortable reading clop, I just cringed a bit, but yeah, I can draw picture for you, I don't know if you want it in a comic or just one or two picture in each comic, btw they won't have color, just black and white because it'll take forever

There is clop, but the scenes that I want drawn aren't those. I want the good emotional scenes drawn, not the sexy scenes (I'll ask someone else who is more comfortable to do that...maybe:applejackconfused:) Anyways, if you don't feel comfortable reading the clop scenes, then just let me know and I'll tell you which chapters to avoid, or at least were in the chapters.


well I mean, I don't draw it or write it, But i would read your if It make you happy :rainbowkiss:


Uhh... Any clop? :rainbowhuh:
I don't do clop

a word of caution, it is rated mature


Sure! why not? "always love to draw, but first! the story

Comment posted by Drakalian deleted Nov 29th, 2013


I didn't noticed this comment for quite a while :facehoof:, but thanks. I'm flattered! and I'll let you know If I need help editing the stories, you seem very good at grammar as your comment was just perfect in general, I'll chat with you later and buh bye! :twilightblush:

You seem like a legitmately intellegent and kind person, so far. Creative in multiple fields, too boot. Not to mention that whole acheievment board. Wish I'd thought of that.
Well, just wanted to say that. Adios.
Oh. Also wanted to mention I could help edit some stories for grammar in my spare time, if you'll have me.


After quite some time it started to get a bit dull, so I just joined more groups and started talking to loads of people. It's better than ever now! :pinkiehappy:


-looks at userpage-
Dang an whole year!, can I ask you something, does it every get boring? I have thing to lost interest fast but I havent for MLP yet, It's just so amazing :rainbowkiss:


Meh, I've gone through it all before; I have been on here for a long time, after all.


Well at first, like almost everyone, failed miserably. deleted two stories and started fresh! Glad I did, I could have done way better then those stories :twilightblush: And you?

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