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Small time Writer looking to go big, but know its a dream till further notice. Have some great ideas and a awesome "everybody loves me" personality.


Tried playing Dark Souls II the other day... · 8:17pm Apr 3rd, 2014

Laughed my flank (or anything else you can think of for that particular word...) off, first Dark Souls was much better. Then there was Demon Souls, which is well... That. Dark Souls 1 made me cry on several occasions, manly tears I assure you.

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All about little ol' me.

Age: Meh, whatever you feel like thinking.

Real name: *Looks back at Pinkie* "You really expect me to care if they all know?! PFFFHAHHAHAHHA!!!! I'm Rayne."

Gender: *shrugs* no use hiding it! I'm a guy.

Favorite pass time: Games, (yes even adults like games) reading good stories. Writing, as well as looking for any and all Woodentoaster's songs.

Favorite character: the all powerful Fluttershy.

Any other questions can be appointed to the comment box... Unless its weird or something then go ahead and PM me, I'm on all the time:scootangel:

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