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I have a lot of friends and I make a lot of money, my rhymes are so sweet 'cuz I dip 'em in honey.


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Better story, now posted · 11:43pm Jul 3rd, 2021

Syke, here's the real story I'm posting today.
Chuckward and I have been slowly taking turns typing short parts of this for like 2 years now. Pretty sad, huh?

Kim Possible: A Sitch in Equestria

It's like 95k words long and I'll post all the chapters over the next week or so.

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I'll miss you forever babe rip also palazzo got ban

It sure has been a while, bud.

K1GG3RN1LL3R#6969 my dicksword

Xombiekilla#6603 My discord.

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