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Good Christian Ethesto

I have a lot of friends and I make a lot of money, my rhymes are so sweet 'cuz I dip 'em in honey.


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It's finished. · 7:11pm Aug 18th, 2019

TSonichu and the Autism that Pierced the Heavens
Christian Weston Chandler uses the might of his autism to pierce the veil between realities. Now he and his son, Sonichu, the electric-hedgehog-type pokemon, find themselves in Equestria where the ponies need their help.
Good Christian Ethesto · 17k words  ·  97  180 · 1.7k views

Would ya look at that? Only took 6 years.

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I miss you.

This is truly a beautiful page.

Most of them didn't load.

2320539 Jokes on you. iMac uses an i7.

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-Dismantle a group with several hundred members over several months [x]
-Write 25 autisms [x]
-Get over 100 dislikes on a single story in a matter of hours [x]
-Have said story deleted by mods for being too offensive to baby bronies [x]
-Break the rules and piss off all the mods [x]
-Have yet another story get deleted [x]
-Still not banned :[
-Receive threats and hate messages via PM's, user page, and group threads [x]
-Constantly purge my weak-willed followers with grotesque fanfics and hateful blogs [x]
-Have a story get featured [x]
-Kiss 1,000 girls on the lips [x]
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Number of tears shed on my behalf: countless


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