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This story is a sequel to Halo man in Equestria: Humping is Magic

When the ponies once again need help with stuff, they turn to the only halo with thighs strong enough for the job. Halo man is back and sassier than ever! But can he hump the enemy into submission, or will he be the one getting humped?!?

Recently edited, and ribbed for your pleasure
Cover Picture made by some kid from the Make a Wish Foundation.

So good, cats ask for it by name!

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 70 )

1707154 God now I'm seeing you everywhere. Regidar and you are friends, yes?

1708780 I need to lay on the alcohol so that I can make stories as good as this. Well done, sir.

1708800 I really need to make some more parodies sometime. :rainbowlaugh:

I've got to remember not to drink beverages when I read your stories.

1719017 Stupid ponies didn't feed her any delicious love. :rainbowlaugh:

Praises for halomen everywhere.

Oh god, I'm going to have some people stick me with sticky grenades and imitate Halo man.

1778442 Been taking a break from typing for a few days (which turned into a week). I'll type new chapters soon.

Yeah nice use of promethean vision tell me does he have AA power up it makes it charge up faster.

1804264 To be honest I don't think I'm going to mention the perks in this story since they're all so minor. I figured if I was going to use them, I would use the ones that are the most interesting to type about. Imo that would probably be sprinting and maybe dexterity. Sprinting because then I can make Kenyan and sonic the hedgehog jokes, and dexterity because... I don't know. Fingers and shit. Once again, none of the perks play a huge role in the game so I don't see any reason to directly mention them. I'll probably end up giving Halo man some perk-like abilities (like being able to sprint all over the place), but I won't actually bring them up. So basically; no :rainbowlaugh:

You parodied my favorite commercial.:pinkiesad2: I'm so happy.

I knew what would happen from the title. Didn't stop me from :rainbowlaugh:ing though!

"They looked nice, in a simple kind of way, but I couldn't help but think how flammable they probably are. Someday I'll have to test that."

Make it so.

You showed her who's boss.

Dolphin rape caves?!?!



Keep them away from me! KEEP THEM AWAY!


I find This to be relevant to this story as a whole.

You're not weird. Killing people is funny. :pinkiecrazy:

I didn't kill people in Halo: Combat Evolved because of the immortal, unkillable marines with rocket launchers they send after you.

Oh my god, you killed Lyra!
You bastard!

I did. You just have to kill one at a time with little pauses in between.

2212442 They had hard-ons for jumping in front of grenades in large groups.

No matter, it's the thought that counts, and I thought I had already wasted enough time on it.

My new motto.

I figured out how to use pulse grenades by the way.

2260837 They work pretty well for blocking corridors and stuff, but they still suck most of time and annoy me :raritydespair:

You kinda need to hit them directly.

2261730 I'll just have to take your word for it since I haven't even played halop in ages. Or even been on xbox live... I should probably do that some time.

but a pulse grenade defeated the diadact... it's not like MC could have used a difrant grenade and it will do the same job:twilightsheepish:

No author's note? Darn, I was looking for more words of wisdom. I shall now favorite without a thumbs up.

But I'm a thumb-up whore :raritydespair:
Without likes, life is meaningless!

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