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Vinyl Scratch and her donkey companion must reach an onion hidden beneath Canterlot palace, that has remained there for thousands of years, before it's too late. Unfortunately, princess Celestia and her swarm of guards aren't too keen on letting them in.

Prepare your anus, for this is a Shrek crossover

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How'd this get 'Featured' so fast? It's hilarious :rainbowlaugh: but I've seen plenty of stories that have 6 likes and 0 dislikes :unsuresweetie:

It ain't Ogre, till I say it's Ogre.

2506784 2506771 I got all excited when I saw those comments, but it's not in the featured box anymore :raritydespair:
Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

2506852 I have mature on, so I don't know if I missed it or what. But it could come back, so I'm waiting.

*reads description* What the hell...

This is clearly going to be a troll fic.

Or maybe it would be more correctly termed an 'ogre fic'. I cannot not read this madness. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

You did it, dude. I see it featured with mature on.

2506899 Yeah! I finally accomplished something. My life finally has meaning! :rainbowwild:

2506923 Grats, dewd! Maybe I'll get featured one day

*looks up to the sky*

2506928 Someday... You just have to believe hard enough!

2506932 Or just write 4k words full of whatever isn't tragedy or sad.

2506938 Write a human x pony clopfic and you'll get featured.

Hopefully this will all be Ogre soon.

What the fuck did I just read?

Whatever it was, it was glorious.

most appropriate pun that could be made about this story

Comment posted by Prince Solstice deleted Apr 30th, 2013

Only two ways about this, it will be epic or a total letdown....lets see how it turns.

This story left me totally confused. Only have one thing to say.
I could totally see "Original Character" as an official Background Pony in FiM. He is red, black, and gold. He is one of the other stallions of Ponyville. His special talent is irony. He works at the laundromat.

I am ogrewhelmed by this story. Don't be a Farquaad and keep writing. I will shrekspect more of this soon. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

The title, pic, description and chapter title already tell me that this... is gonna be reshrekulous.

This was the greatest example of social commentary and the domination of sex in our society. I have learned to fight the bondage of classes, and work for a brighter future. I was driven to tears with how this was so brilliantly done. Every word hammered in that I am but a mere mortal soul.

Ogre than that, I thought it was funny.

should have had a pic of Shrek farting on Rarity. that would have been perfect.

Zero Punctuation Shrek!?
You just broke the interwebs!

Hello! I am GULDEE from the Train Shrek Explorers, here to review your story.

Title: Gay 0/10

Description: Gay 1/10.

Story: Every fucking word is a typo 2/10.

All in all, 1/10. You'd better check yourself before you shrek yourself, mate.

Well this review is ogre. Goodbye, fellow brogre!


2508621 You little shit. You call yourself a brogre then you insult my Shrek story? Who the FUCK do you think you are? You better listen closely 'cuz I'm only gonna warn you once. You ever try that shit again, Shrek will kick your fucking door down and rain scalding ogre semen down your throat with his massive ogre dick. Your entire body will be little more than scorched earth by the time it's over. You think this is a joke? I don't fucking joke, and neither will Shrek if you make him angry.
I may be able to forgive you, but Shrek... Shrek never forgives. Remember that...

2508468 That's exactly what I was going for. I'm glad someone noticed.

2508684 Bitch, Shrek is right here. You think this is a fucking joke? He will come straight to your house for threatening a true brogre, since who writes a shitty story based on the Shrek himself and insult ME.. He will fucking kick down your door and beat you cold, you little shit. You think rape is bad? You think death is bad? Think again, fucker. Shrek will bring doom upon your shitty little life, and I say this as he leaves for you.
Don't fuck with me, you don't know who I am.
Shrek approved my review, and he does not approve of your story. Prepare yourself, fucker. Shrek is coming, and he won't stop until you're fucking off this planet.
See ya, you little shit.

2508720 Ha? Shrek wouldn't hang out with a little bitch like you. Shrek is cool, and he has class. Your threats mean nothing to me because I know Shrek loves me as I love him. I pray to him every day. I wouldn't be surprised if Shrek came over and pealed your ass open like an onion for stating his opinions for him. If Shrek didn't like my story, he'd come down here and fucking tell me himself. Unlike you, Shreks no puss. You better run far far away, 'cuz I doubt Shrek will let this transgression slide. Not that running will make any difference in the end. You're as good as dead, mate.
Your ass is grass, and I'm not referring to Donkey either.


Hey cmon, Shrek wouldn't us brogres fighting like this. I'll diffuse the tension with my caustic ogre humor.

2508750 Shrek here.
You're gonna get shrek'd, mate.
See ya. Your tulpa is going to get smashed by me, by the way.

Vinyl Scratch paced back and forth through her living room, bored out of her mind.

I stopped reading there, because everytime I read a fanfic that starts similiarly that, I end up fapping halfway through, clopfic or otherwise, and I'm worried I'm becoming a chronic masturbator.

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