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Brony on!

Thanks for reading Horse People Go Naked

2281613 ill be down to read it if you ever get that prologue written the way you want it lol.

I wouldn't say it was intentional. It just kind of happened I guess.

Anyways if you ever want to check out my story it will be up... I don't know someday.:rainbowlaugh:

2281343 catering to the world and lore of a great story, tuning the characters and their growth for years... yet the prologue is the problem. i know the feel man...

and the phantoms of friends that have passed is always a difficult thing to deal with. sometimes troublesome, other times inspirational. everyone will cope with it differently.

i just gotta ask, was the mood wiplash at the end intentional?

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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