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Sunny With A Chance Of Rain · 3:31pm Oct 19th, 2021

So I've decided to continue Sunny With A Chance Of Rain. I had originally only intended to write it as a short one off, but found my mind returning to the story with many ideas on where to go with it. I fought with myself on whether to make a separate story, making it a sequel to it, but decided I'm just going to flip it to incomplete and add it as new chapters. Maybe you can give me an opinion on that? I haven't quite finished the next chapter or continuation as it were, but it's getting

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Thank you for the follow! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

2275313 Awh so sorry to hear that! :fluttershysad: hope your back feels better Cloudy Wloudy! That's good that you're doing good otherwise! :rainbowkiss:

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