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Wise Cracker

Just some guy, who likes animated stuff. That's about it.


A Proper and Overdue Introduction. · 6:39pm Jan 7th, 2018

Hello, everyone.

I am Wise Cracker, and I identify as a chaoist.

Some people may look at that and wonder which side I am on in the political spectrum. Well, I’m on the side that’s got butter on it. If that doesn’t say enough, then I invite you to educate yourself on the teachings of Morrison and Carroll.

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About the same.

Thinging along, thanks. The Niko fanfic is going terribly slow, but it's going, at least. All my other projects remain, as before, way behind on what semblance of a schedule there is. But life's good overall. You?

How are things?

No worries. Probably should've done so sooner, come to think of it. I'm kind of an animation buff myself. Speaking of which, two recommendations, from the same creator:

El Tigre, the Adventures of Manny Rivera. A family of supers living in a town full of crime, main character is a young boy torn between being good and being evil. Lots of emphasis on family values, honour, and courage, but often shows how much trouble inflated egos can cause. Depending on how attached you get to the characters, the swinging between good and evil can be a bit grating. If you watch only one episode: The Grave Escape, episode 14. Mostly recommended because of...

The Book of Life. A movie about two friends both vying for the affections of the same girl, who get caught up in a bet between two spirit guardians of the dead. Same director, same art style, same theme but on a bigger scale. Lots of emphasis on remembering and honouring the dead, the real meaning of courage, and a less accomplished anti-animal cruelty message that's really more part of a 're-evaluate traditions' moral. Might be worth checking out for an All Hallow's Eve or All Souls review.

Oh, and if you're in the market for something exceptionally silly and light: Dragon Booster. It's a Power Ranger with a dragon. The dragon is also a Power Ranger. As in, it morphs with the guy, and also has to keep its secret identity. Make that 2 recommedations and a suggestion, then. :twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 188 - 192 of 192
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