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Wise Cracker

Just some guy, who likes animated stuff. That's about it.


So why the disabled ratings? · 6:46pm Jul 7th, 2021

Figured I'd finally clear the air on the subject. No particular reason as to the timing, though Pride Month did get me thinking on the matter some more.

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A Proper and Overdue Introduction. · 6:39pm Jan 7th, 2018

Hello, everyone.

I am Wise Cracker, and I identify as a chaoist.

Some people may look at that and wonder which side I am on in the political spectrum. Well, I’m on the side that’s got butter on it. If that doesn’t say enough, then I invite you to educate yourself on the teachings of Morrison and Carroll.

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Okay, thanks for stopping by to let me and everyone seeing this page know. Your input has been noted.

I mean whatever I mean I really don’t read stories that block both because if people don’t want input they clearly don’t want people to read them. IMO

Have a goof day

(Edited for tone)
Sounds about right, it's not a new development. This has been the case for my last three stories now, I have been following this new policy for a little under a year, if we're counting only from publications. I guess it's only become noticeable now that I'm publishing stuff again, but still... this isn't new, and wasn't unannounced. I mean, I distinctly recall announcing it as my new policy. Even did a blog about it more recently to explain some of the reasoning. I intend to follow through with it until I have enough data to form a conclusion, which means writing more, but pigs and flight, y'know...

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