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Wise Cracker

Just some guy who likes chaos magic, ponies, and Blender. Getting moderately good at vector art in Inkscape and Synfig, learning animation, working on original novel series with horses and reindeer.


A Proper and Overdue Introduction. · 6:39pm January 7th

Hello, everyone.

I am Wise Cracker, and I identify as a chaoist.

Some people may look at that and wonder which side I am on in the political spectrum. Well, I’m on the side that’s got butter on it. If that doesn’t say enough, then I invite you to educate yourself on the teachings of Morrison and Carroll.

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Yeah, it was, don't worry.

That... was what you were going to ask, right? Was there something else? Sorry if I'm coming across as blunt; I'm typing in a less than perfectly private environment right now, gettin' a little twitchy if you catch my drift. :twilightsheepish:

All right then.

*grabs book of Equestrian slang*

Umm, yo-yo, what up, my nicker? Still working on the Sisterhooves thing, real life's gotten in the way of working on the idea you offered. I'll get to it when the other thing is done, can't say when that'll be. Sorry.

  • Viewing 176 - 180 of 180
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