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Wise Cracker

Just some guy, who likes animated stuff. That's about it.


A Proper and Overdue Introduction. · 6:39pm Jan 7th, 2018

Hello, everyone.

I am Wise Cracker, and I identify as a chaoist.

Some people may look at that and wonder which side I am on in the political spectrum. Well, I’m on the side that’s got butter on it. If that doesn’t say enough, then I invite you to educate yourself on the teachings of Morrison and Carroll.

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Well, clopfics, at least. I might have to stick the rating a little high on some other stories just for safety's sake, but still... I don't think I have it in me any more, to be honest. Finish the current few projects first, after radio silence as announced, then see what's possible.


I'm done writing mature stories

Well that does eliminate a few ideas, but I've still got others.

You're lucky I popped in to check the contest results, or you would have had to wait until December for an answer. You did see the blog about that, yes?

Anyway, I'm writing a different trilogy atm, and busy at work, but you can always pitch ideas if you like. Just remember I'm done writing mature stories, my to-do list is long as it is, and my new policy regarding disabling ratings will remain in effect even if it's a request story.

Are you possibly open for new ideas?

  • Viewing 195 - 199 of 199
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