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Wise Cracker

Just some guy who likes chaos magic, ponies, and Blender. Getting moderately good at vector art in Inkscape and Synfig, learning animation, maybe some web design when he can.


A Proper and Overdue Introduction. · 6:39pm January 7th

Hello, everyone.

I am Wise Cracker, and I identify as a chaoist.

Some people may look at that and wonder which side I am on in the political spectrum. Well, I’m on the side that’s got butter on it. If that doesn’t say enough, then I invite you to educate yourself on the teachings of Morrison and Carroll.

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There were some ideas flitting around, but whether they're feasible is another matter. One idea was to have Button Mash and his mom go into a bat-run pizzeria for a oneshot fic, another idea was to show Chitter's wedlock ceremony and the frictions it causes with Rumble, including a duel where he shows blood magic as a result of his initiation, and then there was something Rin-centric, taking place in the later seasons, where she gives Discord a sort of 'you're forgiven' speech.

The issue is the long queue of works in progress, combined with real life issues. If I do a sequel to it, it'll be three stories away: first I'm doing a Pharynx/Fluttershy/Cratus crossover fic, then the story I promised superfun, then a Changeling Blood sequel, and it's beyond that that I haven't planned it out yet.

Will there be a sequel to my big batty not wedding

Yeah, it was, don't worry.

That... was what you were going to ask, right? Was there something else? Sorry if I'm coming across as blunt; I'm typing in a less than perfectly private environment right now, gettin' a little twitchy if you catch my drift. :twilightsheepish:

All right then.

  • Viewing 178 - 182 of 182
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