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Faux Pas: War Engineer of Chrysalis' Hive, a personal advisor to the Queen and one of the select few allowed to think freely.

Military genius, master strategist in both offense and defense, mastermind of the Canterlot raid.

Of course he got captured.

For his actions during the raid on Equestria's capital, he is put on trial and judged by a court out for his blood. The odds are stacked against him, and there is hardly any doubt that his days are numbered.

But changelings are nothing, if not masters of deception. Faux's got his own plans for the trial.

Now has a sequel

A/N: My submission for the fourth Author's Prompt, which is about, you guessed it: being on trial. It's a little darker than my usual fare, and I'm not too sure about the ending. Feedback is appreciated, as the story hasn't been officially submitted to the prompt yet.

19/12 Edit: Woop! Judges loved it, offered suggestions. It has been rewritten with their suggestions in mind.
Some changes:
-actual trial is more two-sided. Both parties have a fair point.
-fight that breaks out during the trial is longer.
-Celestia is made more believable in general (I hope, it's really hard in this sort of story).

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Please, tell me that there is some sort of follow up to this planned.

It's not planned yet. I also have two other stories I know will be getting a sequel and one other that might get a sequel. If I get a good brainstormed idea going, I might get around to it, but not right now.

Glad you liked it, in any event :yay:

*Long, slow clap*


really good, looking forward to more

Sequels are beginning to become something of a ghost for me. I actually have two possible ideas for a follow-up: one that focuses on the changeling village being established and one involving a changeling being adopted by Lyra and Bon-Bon and living in Ponyville. Even got a cool name for that one, so it'll most likely be that. Oddly enough, I've had some criticism on the writing style from some readers...and yet this is more popular than the Waiwai thing. :rainbowhuh:

But sure, more can come, if after a long time of other stuff I've promised to write. Which reminds me...*gets back to writing*

Geez I really would love to see this continued...

Quorum Sensing sequel first, then this. But rest assured, I've got some chapters done already. It's a dark slice of life featuring a changeling foal, adopted by Lyra and Bonbon. There's elements taken from 'Soylent Green' and 'The Faculty'. I might even make it a three-parter and have the last part be about the other nations negotiating for restitution.

Hope that little teaser wet your appetite :twilightsmile:

Aww, the premise of a Changeling+Pony romance was cute...
Ah well, your planned sequel does sound pretty nifty as well I must say, any idea when you'll have it up? :duck: Also, I really gotta admit. I normally don't like these kind of stories, but you did a pretty good job on it. So kudos to you.

Changeling+Pony romance? Well, that's what the Quorum Sensing sequel is going to be, actually writing it this instant. Seems kind of redundant to do two in a row. And just the idea of romance in this setting strikes me as too obvious. Part of the reason the judges liked it is because this actually takes a different spin on the changeling redemption. It's not about redemption, it's about ascension. They don't get a clear-cut happy ending, but at least they get to work for one. They get to live with ponies and all the other civilisations (they hope :pinkiecrazy:) instead of being a parasite to them.

So yeah, one could write a romance in this setting, but the plot for it isn't there yet, at least not for me. No estimate on timing of any of this stuff, since I have exams and need to work on my thesis. But it's definitely coming in a few months, both of them. That, the QS sequel and the CMC/Octavia sleepover. Then Flight Camp sequel somewhere in between. For some reason, people keep asking me for sequels...:rainbowhuh:

I was mainly thinking of the romance due to the last line of the fic, in any case! I'm assuming that it's the same universe? Even if not, I think I'll give it a look when it's up. Also, a CMC/Tavi sleepover sounds AWESOME I gotta say. Though you have me curious, all round so I think I'll give you a watch. :duck:

Very well done! :pinkiesmile:

Thanks very much! I'm surprised how many people like this, though. I'd think this has been done before, but apparently I made it original somehow. :rainbowhuh:

This was a really good read! Well written and well structures: bravo! :pinkiehappy:

This was enjoyable. Statues of the mighty Faux Pas shall be erected on every corner of the new Changeling Kingdom.

Yis, I liked this.

Faux Pas never made mistakes.

I find that line pretty funny, because "faux pas" is the french for "wrong step" and a synonym of... "Mistake" :rainbowlaugh:

Actually, it means 'to step against protocol', as far as I know. It's not a mistake, so much as it is a violation of social rules. Kinda like how he goes against the royalty. He was actually named after Vauban, one of the few people to talk back to Louis XIV. Vau-ban, Fau-pa, it seemed clever at the time. Glad you liked the story.

Now please write a sequel, Mmm'kay?:yay:

Also, you should totally send this in to Equestria Daily.

Umm... did you post that comment before or after maximising the description? :facehoof:

I'll take that as a 'before'. Be warned, though: that story was fairly polarising, and tiring to write and edit. In terms of controverse, it was the warmup to 'Empathy'.

This was .. ok. I feel as if you half-developed two premises, then stuffed them both in one story.

Well, that was nifty. A nice little bait and switch at the beginning suggesting he's on trial by ponies but isn't really. After Chrysalis' whole thought about body doubles, I was expecting him to have shown up elsewhere, but I guess Faux Pas made the ultimate sacrifice. And basically brought down the rest of the Changelings with him in the process now that Chrysalis has lost what intellectual capital she had left.

Well this was good.

Hello! Have a review. An old fic I know, but I'm quite fond of stories about pre-Thorax changelings. Plenty of interest here, with a bunch of world-building. Maybe a tad too much exposition, though, and as you acknowledge in your A/N it feels a bit "old-fic" here and there. Still, I see there's a sequel and I won't rule out reading that at some point.

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