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Our troops of loyal story scouts are scouring Fimfiction for stories so that you don't have to! While there's no guarantee it will get in, you can always recommend other people's story for our group in the recommendation thread. Just try to make sure it meets our guidelines, fill out the form on top, and only recommend one story per post!

Of course, you can promote your own stories over in the Self-Promotion thread.

You can head over to meet our troops, stop by the book corner to talk about stories you liked, talk about things you are writing over in the author's nook, and generally chat and have a good time in the forum, as long as you follow the book club's rules.

Most of all, relax and enjoy our group. I want to make sure everyone here has a good time.


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Just in time for Thanksgiving!

EGiving Thanks.
"You are hereby invited to the Apple Family Giving Harvest dinner! Bring your friends, your appetites, and something to be thankful for."
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Sorry about not responding sooner, but you can still use a ribbon, even if one wasn't posted in the comments, as long as it was added here.

Of course, keep in mind that you aren't supposed to add images into story descriptions, according to site rules, but there are other places you can put it.


I got a Staff Selection, but they didn't post a ribbon on the story page. Am I still eligible to use the ribbon?

Comment posted by Matthew DePointe deleted Jun 10th, 2015

There was some major drama over the TL closure. I'm not going to provide links, in order to make drama tourism more difficult; but if you're really interested, arcum42 made several personal blog posts summarizing the situation.

The short version is that this is a reboot designed to carry over the best parts of an old unsustainable system.

Howdy! So... this seems similar to Twilight's Library, and was founded by the same person. So... why'd you close Twilight's Library and start this? I checked the forum here for some explanation, but didn't find one.


A couple weeks? If I'm lucky, it'll be trending for a few more days. A lot of the members came in early on.

As long as the members and staff don't forget it, though, I'll be satisfied. This isn't a bad size for a group, especially one a week old.


9/10 this group is going to sit in trending for about a couple weeks and then nobody will remember it a month after.

First in trending groups already. That was fast. :rainbowderp:

Congratulations! This group has been listed in New Groups for its freshness.

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