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Bad Horse

Good stories defend us from bad philosophy.

Index librorum prohibitorum

The heaviness of the bad horse drags its charioteer toward the earth and weighs him down if he has failed to train it well, and this causes the most extreme toil and struggle that a soul will face.
--Plato, Phaedrus 247b

Join me, and together we shall rule the world. Mostly me, though.

Do YOU want to join the Equestrian League of Evil?

There are two ways to join:

1. Demonstrate your heinous nature through crimes and malicious acts disruptive to the fabric of society. Please, no tying people to railroad tracks or kidnapping sidekicks. We get a dozen of those every week. Legitimate evil activities include tumblring Dolan comics or writing alicorn OC fiction. Document all evil activity and submit to the Equestrian League of Evil headquarters in Washington, D.C.

2. Click the "Follow" button on this page.

Don't hesitate to comment on my stories! If you see something you like, or don't like, or think could be better, say so. If you don't comment because you come in thru EqD or Spacebattles & haven't bothered to make a fimfiction account--stop that! It's pretty damn selfish. Make an account. It takes thirty seconds.

We read every submission
With predatory grins
We've got the supplication that you just sent in
It needs evaluation before it's in the bin
Let's see if plots maintain their course
Good grammar would be nice of course

Bad Prose
Bad Prose
Bad Prose
It's Bad

(From "Bad Prose" by Sordid Euphemism.)

I based my avatar on a drawing by kim1486.

Stud services available. Send photograph for prices.



Bad Horse Blog Index · 9:17pm May 30th, 2014

Fimfiction provides no easy way to find old blog posts, so this index will always be on my user page. Each list is mostly in chronological or reverse-chronological order.
I've added a few good blog posts by other people.

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2741197 Cute--but that domain doesn't allow links from fimfiction. I'll post the URL so people can see it:

2739637 I remember another case! I wanted to know the age & sex distribution of younger bronies, to know whether the online community was likely to have young kids, eg reading fimfiction or visiting EQD. Somebody had done a big survey of bronies, and I looked at the data, and it said there were no bronies under 18. It turned out they had deleted all the answers from people under 18 because of problems with consent.

I don't remember specifically what I was looking for. I just remember it had been removed from the dataset for children beneath some age because of the problem with consent. There are ways of getting some legally-sufficient consent, at least in some jurisdictions, because people do study children, but in the case I'm speaking of, they decided it was too hard and that they would just delete all that data.

That’s weird, because if I try and find American information, plenty of results from searches like “depression rates in school children” show up. Consent to participate in studies definitely isn’t so restrictive from what I know, and I’ve been asked to participate in studies/if I would like to as a minor.

  • Viewing 439 - 443 of 443
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