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Bad Horse

Beneath the microscope, you contain galaxies.

The heaviness of the bad horse drags its charioteer toward the earth and weighs him down if he has failed to train it well, and this causes the most extreme toil and struggle that a soul will face.
--Plato, Phaedrus 247b

Join me, and together we shall rule the world. Mostly me, though.

Do YOU want to join the Equestrian League of Evil?

There are two ways to join:

1. Demonstrate your heinous nature through crimes and malicious acts disruptive to the fabric of society. Please, no tying people to railroad tracks or kidnapping sidekicks. We get a dozen of those every week. Legitimate evil activities include tumblring Dolan comics or writing alicorn OC fiction. Document all evil activity and submit to the Equestrian League of Evil headquarters in Washington, D.C.

2. Click the "Follow" button on this page.

Don't hesitate to comment on my stories! If you see something you like, or don't like, or think could be better, say so. If you don't comment because you come in thru EqD or Spacebattles & haven't bothered to make a fimfiction account--stop that! It's pretty damn selfish. Make an account. It takes thirty seconds.

We read every submission
With predatory grins
We've got the supplication that you just sent in
It needs evaluation before it's in the bin
Let's see if plots maintain their course
Good grammar would be nice of course

Bad Prose
Bad Prose
Bad Prose
It's Bad

(From "Bad Prose" by Sordid Euphemism.)

I based my avatar on a drawing by kim1486.

Stud services available. Send photograph for prices.



Bad Horse Blog Index · 9:17pm May 30th, 2014

This index to not-bad blogs will always be on my user page. Each list is mostly in chronological or reverse-chronological order.
I've added a few good blog posts by other people.
I put a '*' in front of the ones I think are most-important.

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I'm glad you enjoyed that old essay. I just read it myself, and didn't remember any of it.

Offhoof, I can't think of anything to say about the aesthetics of shipfics, and I'd much rather encourage you to write about it than write it myself. I can read it before you post it if you want, and make snide comments.

I was thinking about writing a blog post on the aesthetics of shipfics vs. other kinds of stories (implied at least partly by the differences in goals.) But then I thought, if I mention the topic to Bad Horse, maybe the result will be a better blog post than I would be likely to write on the subject.

I do enjoy reading essays like this: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/319710/from-sadfic-to-literature

yeah, I for example was thinking about "fractal of violence" when small groups on-fight inside bigger groups up and up to whole global level ....

Anyway, I guess top commentary on that video is good multilogue ...

Mostly for B.Horse, because I do not want to derail Mariupol thread.

Systems Studies by Bryan Chandler

If you are reading this, it means I think you will find my personal studies of systems if not insightful and informative, then at least interesting:

What kind of systems?

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