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Mutual infiltration of interests · 4:36pm November 7th

When 6 years ago your friend was talking about politics, and you were talking about dolphins. Now, he talks about dolphins, and you (I) talk about politics ...

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short thought: may be those rough Yaks from S5E11 were not best, but _worst_ ambassadors possible, and were send to ponyland exactly as such ..because, you know, if your nearest far country of friendly ponies can deal even with _them_ - more normal and pony-like yaks will have no trouble, too! Logic of friendship.

so, even I can post something short into this timeline. Good. Lately I was thinking about what role food may play in lives of magical ponies...and come to conclusion earthponies even in most obvious role of plant farmers can seriously influence everypony. Because even we partially are what we eat, and this will be even more true with world where even plants are half-magical life! In this light, battlecooking might be quite not metaphor! Just instead of battling with aggressive foods it will be fight _against_ aggression/invasion/tensions, with mind-altering food! :}

well, I only read first few chapters. Thing is, I have very polarized views on science (as done by humans), to the point I think I better to invent some completely new term for... sensitive fiction? Where logic is of course honored, but not above individual lives and futures.... Today's scientists (in biological field at least) definitely not live up to their image, and this hurt deadly .... Worse, I see no way to change such sad situation - not like scientists can amplify their own sense of ethics and everyday's acts scientifically (and thus they very much fail same way as other humans, yet with more dangerous consequences, because specific aura of superiority in today's 'intellectual' society ...).

Thanks for the fave on Renaissance Pony! :twilightsmile:

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