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Some e-libraries are gone, some still stand. · 3:54pm Last Tuesday

So, yesterday I was looking for "Sirius" by Olaf Stapledon, book I read online few years ago and enjoyed greatly. But now place where it was seems to be closed?

University of Adelaide Ebook Library seems to be gone - from early 2020.

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Yet another title I never knew about until now - thanks, this (at least by description) definitely rings some bells to me :}

well, quite cute profile pic :} ... but beyond this I have something new to read, it seems (may be not fiction stories themselves, sorry, but mostly blogs, and possibility to branch a bit from them into other ... stories and lines of thought). From what I can see so far your profile pic (and quite unusual for me additional profile decorations, while I don't explore much of fimfiction, so I can't say how modern profiles looks) mostly shows real you, without attempt as exaggregating (sp) or "hiding behind the mask". I like this .. Different people probably choose their profile pics differently, and both their views and their pics may change over time .. but I use those little pictures for visual user identification, at least here, where they tend to be relatively big. BTW my profile pic is NOT drawn by me, I just found it on wiki and found ...fitting.

I prefer more uncompromising (uncompromissable? when it comes to be ...emphatic and caring, as norm) kind of ponies, not Earth-of-the-present realistic, nor popular-fantasy themed versions of Equestria, and this choice a bit alienates me from more populated (local mainstream? this mainstream probably slowly changes itself, too - but I'm not up to critically observing changes at this level - I only 'with' this fandom for little more than 2 years - often finding myself reading archives and past discussions/comments over actually enjoying new fanfics) views.

Hm, yeah, my sentence-constructing also not most intuitive ... when I wish to make some explanation.

Hey, thanks for the watch! What piqued your interest?

short thought: may be those rough Yaks from S5E11 were not best, but _worst_ ambassadors possible, and were send to ponyland exactly as such ..because, you know, if your nearest far country of friendly ponies can deal even with _them_ - more normal and pony-like yaks will have no trouble, too! Logic of friendship.

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