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A guy from switzerland who likes cheese, mountains and horse words.... lots and lots of horse words.


Leviathan · 1:32am Monday

Just completed that dank Destiny 2 raid. Only took me all week :D I might even have some spare time to write stuff again ^^

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👍 If you like that headcanon, just roll with it. I'd be glad to know that someone liked it enough to incorporate it into their story!

dude... you just gave me a new headcanon.... clover the clever being the daughter of starswirl... and that twilight is from their bloodline..... i might just use that in my own story..... if i may have your permission for it, that is

2476201 thx, glad you enjoyed it! Still plenty of story left to tell.

Just finished reading Divine Entertainment. You got a new watcher, loved it! Keep up the good stuff!

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