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A guy from switzerland who likes cheese, mountains and horse words.... lots and lots of horse words.


Leviathan · 1:32am September 18th

Just completed that dank Destiny 2 raid. Only took me all week :D I might even have some spare time to write stuff again ^^

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If you want to I'd love to start planning a possible story.

cool to hear you like it! As far as fan stories go, I'm not sure if I'm quite there yet. I'll look forward to the eventuality, ofc.

Just finished catching up on your entire Divine-verse or Divine Universe. Love the world building and how you handle character progression. Little dabs of references, integrating the canon into the story smoothly. I love your writing style. I feel a side story idea popping up. . . possibly.

Also I find the lack of fan stories or side stories of this INCONCEIVABLE.

👍 If you like that headcanon, just roll with it. I'd be glad to know that someone liked it enough to incorporate it into their story!

dude... you just gave me a new headcanon.... clover the clever being the daughter of starswirl... and that twilight is from their bloodline..... i might just use that in my own story..... if i may have your permission for it, that is

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