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A guy from switzerland who likes cheese, mountains and horse words.... lots and lots of horse words.


After what must have been the most epic of benders ever bent in the history of alcohol and metal combined, James finds himself waking up in a new world, crammed into an unfamiliar new body.

Left with little to no choice in the matter, he has to adapt to this new situation, all the while looking for a possible way back home. As if all of this wasn't already crazy enough, this world seemed to be inhabited by technicolor ponies which worshipped powerful beings called: Alicorns.

After finding out that he was indeed an alicorn himself, he decides to keep this fact a secret. Being crowned as a prince would surely invite more trouble than it was worth.

This story is inspired by Snorting Gentlemans story: Alicorn of Music: Reliving The Childhood. The idea behind the story always fascinated me, and, with Snorting Gentlemans permission, I've decided to write out my own twist at it.

This is just a side project for me, so updates will be irregular.

Cover Art by the amazing The Spirits Demise.

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Sweet first chapter, also cool that he met up with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash instead of Pinkie Pie, of course he will be seeing the Pink Party Pony soon.

Can I just say, whilst I absolutely love the idea of an Alicorn of Music, Fluttershy and Dash seem to not notice! Maybe in the next chapter they'll notice... Maybe.

What about the idea fascinated you?

Haven't read this yet but is this a clone or rip-off of Alicorn of music: reliving the childhood


hmm this seems heavily based on it down to the character's taste in music the only difference is what he choose to do and the location of his awakening and possibly the time of the series

According to the long description, an AU of that, with the original's permission

Pretty good story in my opinion, but not everyone approves apparently :applejackunsure:
Here's what a friend of mine said about this fic. I hid his name for the respect of his anonymity


Hope you don't take it too hard, kthxbye.

I just read the description after I read the story

I really loved Alicorn of music: reliving the childhood. And when I saw this on the Feature Box, I needed to check it out.
Seems interesting. To my Tracking folder goes! :trollestia:

I couldn’t categorize the voice as either male or female from just sound alone, as it was quite raspy

That was incredible. :rainbowlaugh:

Good writing shines through!

Hmmm, let's see how much treble this guy gets into......

i don't think puns are your 'forte'.

Interesting. It seems that whoever plopped him in the middle of the Everfree -- cough the author cough -- with nothing but a hoodie did it with the expectation he would wear it and hide his wings. At least initially. Convenient. :trollestia:

I smell something chaostic this way comes...


Outstanding work, sir! I find it quite enjoyable and I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future!

There’s no real need to call out your “friend” for not liking something you like. The premise alone is wholly unoriginal (A human is transported to Equestria.) and the fact that it’s a copy of a different story named “Alicorn of Music: Reliving the Childhood” makes me very wary to the overall quality of it.

Then again, I wouldn’t necessarily rate it so harshly, so your friend has some level of blame. Only some, though and it doesn’t forgive this unneeded calling out of your friend. I hope they find this and realize that you’re a bad friend for calling them out like this.

This story is inspired by Snorting Gentlemans story: Alicorn of Music: Reliving The Childhood.

I stopped reading that one a while ago because I was getting creeped out by its fixation on a "will they or won't they" pseudo-relationship between two eight-year-olds and the constant talk about prostitution and shit, so I'm welcoming a look at the whole concept that's a bit less freaking weird and uncomfortable.

You're right... I'm a pretty bad friend :ajsleepy:


Honestly, it wasn't constant and it definitely wasn't a fixation. I don't see anything weird about prostitution. Forced prostitution is bad, there is no denying it, but have you thought about people actually liking it, and not just those on the receiving side?

I don't know what to make of that "pseudo-relationship" because it's definitely not pseudo. Even children have real problems that others somehow think are not real. Thinking that a child is stupid and doesn't understand anything would cost him or her greatly. I wouldn't like to give my children issues with trust or confidence.

However, to each their own. I understand how my vision of Equestria can be weird and uncomfortable for some people.


Uh, no. It was a fucking downright creepy ass fixation at times as your personal views bled into your world story, pal. I had to stop reading it as well myself because of that. It's not your vision of Equestria that is creepy, it's you.

I'll be tentatively filing this underneath 'somewhat promising' and hold my breath until I see what all you do with it.

EDIT - After realizing the fact that you are the individual who wrote Divine Entertainment, I am quite interesting now in seeing what you do here. I knew your username was familiar, I've enjoyed prior writing by you, so I imagine this will be no different!


I'm afraid you're wrong. I share the view on prostitution, nothing more. There is a certain blend in with my own opinions on things, but they are not the part of my personality. Do you honestly think that aliens (And that is how I portray them in the story) would be just like us? There are billions of planets, some of them might have intelligent life. And you tell me they would be just like humans and viewing everything like humans?

Let's not make assumptions, please.


Honestly, it wasn't constant and it definitely wasn't a fixation. I don't see anything weird about prostitution. Forced prostitution is bad, there is no denying it, but have you thought about people actually liking it, and not just those on the receiving side?

It's prevalent enough that I've come to view it as one of the defining features of your story. That's all I really have to say about it.

:rainbowlaugh: And no, I haven't. It doesn't say good things about you that you actually think bodily whoring yourself out to the type of man gross and desperate enough to pay for something that most can get for free is something the average person would do out of enjoyment. It's a recourse of last resort, is what it is. Feel free to tell yourself that it if makes you feel better about taking part in that kind of exploitation, but you aren't going to get any kind of respect for it from me.

I wasn't willing to address this in your own story and I'm really not willing to talk about it any further than that here, so that's really all there is to it.


Uh, no. It was a fucking downright creepy ass fixation at times as your personal views bled into your world story, pal. I had to stop reading it as well myself because of that. It's not your vision of Equestria that is creepy, it's you.

Word. I respect it even less for the fact that Snorting Gentleman is so desperate to pretend that it isn't his views, which he did every time people brought that kind of thing up in his own story.


Feel free to believe in what you want, but if you honestly think that it is only desperation then you are very, very wrong.

I don't really like people who come to other people's story and complain about my stories. I accept constructive criticism and I usually don't block people for disagreeing with me. Dialogue is the key to discussion.

That's precisely why I said I didn't really want to talk about it here, and I wouldn't have gone into detail if you hadn't approached me about it. Nothing personal, really.

However, seeing as this is a direct reboot of your story, I could hardly not comment on the fact that I've read it too, as well as what I thought of it. I hope you can understand that.

Well, I hope to deliver on that ^^

Oh nice, a story approver likes my stuff :D Thanks a lot, I'll be trying my best!

I hope so. I liked the original story concept well enough... just not so much the execution. I'm interested in seeing what you do with it.

Gotta catch up on Divine Entertainment one of these days, too. Be seeing you around, I think!

The chances of an alien in my garden are same as the chances of pigs flying, hell freezing over, dolphins walking on land and an alicorn OC story appearing in the feature bo-


Well, fuck me.

Wait, hasn't this been done before?

I hope this one works out well. Trying to explain music as text can sometimes be hard to understand for the readers since everyone could interpret it in a different way, and youtube links can get tedious (some stories put a 2-3 minute song for a scene that can be read very quickly, and I end up closing the tab 30 seconds in).
You can probably use lyrics, but copyright gets involved there. You might have to end up making some of your own lyrics for some scenes.

As for the other Alicorn of Music story. I expected an alicorn spreading the magic of music and such, but when I read it, it turned out to be just sexual situation after sexual situation, plus mental conflicts about sex. I stopped a couple chapters in the second story because I haven't seen that much music in it, which was what the story originally advertised in the title.

Will definitely follow this. Like others I liked the originals premise but lost interest. Interested in seeing what you do.

Now, now. You guys are all naturals... If a bit flat.

Sabaton! Heck Yeah! Also Looking forward to another story, I felt the one you're basing this off of was good, but had issues with Gary Stu syndrome and lackluster dialogue, seeing one of my favorite artists take a crack at it has gotten me hesitantly hyped!

Why are all HiE Alicorns) - Swapped places with important charecter) -Randomly show up in portal still human though?

I saw this on the feature-box and I was like, "That description really reminds me of that one story..." You know, the one by Snorting Gentleman. So I pop it into a new tab and sure enough, inspired by.

I'm in the middle of a longer story now, but I'll get to this later. Bring on the chapters. :p


"E. T. phone home. This place crazy, saw pig with rocket engine in butt.

Also, Stygia is literally Hell Frozen Over and Dolphins can walk, sort of. They even had actual legs 50 million years ago, give or take.

Thank-you ever so much for writing this. I found the previous alicorn of music to poorly written to enjoy even though I thought the idea behind it to be wonderful.


I knew pinning that would bite them in the rear someday. Besides, if your friend doesn't like it, why doesn't he just write a version himself. :raritywink:

While I quite enjoyed Snorting Gentleman's story, I have higher hopes for this story. Please, for the love of Faust, leave out the worst bits. Leave out the pedo crap, the repetition of thoughts, the use of internal dialogue as the majority of the story, and the heavy and needless focus on sex in general.

Snorting Gentleman is one of my favorite writers. Every time I start reading one of his stories, I marathon it until I reach the end of what is written, wonder where the time went, and give it a favorite. I discovered this story was based off of his Alicorn of Music story, and that he gave you permission, so I tried reading this.

I'd rather read this than his story. That's pretty high praise considering how I feel about him and his works, so I'd say you did very well. Of course, the favorite may come later, assuming you don't mess up and decrease in quality in an exponential manner. I expect that you won't do that, given how high quality this is and how you apparently wrote another story that a lot of people really like.

i like the original so this goes into the reading list

great story so far I'll try not to compare it to snorting gentlemans story.

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