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Celestia watched as an injured colt was rushed to the hospital wing of the castle, clinging to life by a thread. Luna battles her demons as she tries to help the colt heal from his, all so that he may continue to live.
Both sisters struggle with the questions that arise from what they've witnessed.
Neither of them know what will happen, going forward.

"This is the first, and perhaps will be the only, male alicorn that Equestria has seen. He came not in radiant glory to battle with Chaos that We Know Well, The Lord of Shadows, the Magic Eater and other foes, as you and Princess Luna did. Neigh, he came upon us in his time of need. We were the ones to help him.

Your Highness, what do you think that says about where he came from?"

The Dark Tag is for specific scenes and situations, not because the overall story is dark.
[Danny Phantom x MLP Crossover, Both are AU, Mentions of Marvel Movie Verse and DP being in the same world]
[Side Story / Sister Fic / and What-If Off-Shoot to Spectrology on FanFiction and AO3 but reading it shouldn't be needed]


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:pinkiegasp: THANK YOU!! You have NO idea how HAPPY I AM that there is a NEW DP crossover Fic!!:pinkiehappy:

*gasp* Neigh, it is you who have no idea how happy it makes me to see that there's even ONE person on here who's happy for a DP crossover.

Looking good so far, so i will be tracking and see were this goes :twilightsmile:

Let it be known that my statement, while it may be considered one of the gravest of insults by some, is not nor should ever be seen as such. Rather, this is wholeheartedly intended to be a complement of greatest admiration. The statement is as follows:


Wow, that's...hold on. *looks up purple prose* Huh, well I thank you for the compliment then. :twilightsmile:

A fitting name for one who's self appointed task is returning the wayward and hostile souls of the departed to the nether realm.

Heh. DP crossover.

Heh. DP.


I'm intrigued so this goes on my Read Later until it gets a bit longer.

Too bad the show got cancelled, right?

Well... at least you didn't go for the cliche "Oh, my family betrayed me and now am all angsty about everything forever." that pops up waaaaaay too often in Danny Phantom fan fiction. Every time I hear about Danny getting "betrayed" and driven out of Amity Park I just have to roll my eyes. It is like nobody can figure out any other way to have the series cross over with anything else.

but so far you seem to have thought out the setting quite a bit. Luna is pretty well done so far, but it is too early to say whether its good or not. So tentatively following.

Too true. I've read at least a dozen of those and while some people can do that premise well, there is an overabundance (and personally I don't like the betrayal aspect). With the one I'm working with, everyone's alive (or half alive) and well...from TUE at least >.>

Glad to know that you're giving this story a chance. I've got a rudimentary story-line (in the form of a poem thing that is told via chapter titles ^.^) to work with that will hopefully hold up throughout all my brainstorming.

Just found this today and read it. Twilights inner dialog seems spot on, also I get you on transitional chapters. While completely necesary they often do end up giving a feel of, "Come on already." but honestly I feel they should be present as Im sure we've all ready stories without them that felt terribly paced and rushed.

In all good stuff, while I did watch Danny Phantom when I was younger I am definately not caught up. Going to have to marathon some episodes.

Alrighty. I sorta agree with Red, there's very much a feeling of "Get on with it!" but it's also a necessary evil.

Oh, and you might want to change "OCD tendencies" to "perfectionist".

Regarding the story itself, you definitely have something. Whether that something is going to be good or bad is yet to be seen, but the story so far has promise.

This crossover is really good so far can't wait for the next chapter.

I like it but why would Danny just do the going ghost thing in front of them wouldn't he run to a bathroom or a bedroom first?
and Luna can just tele behind the door or unlock it with magic.
Because Danny doesn't know about their magic then and there right? Or at least he doesn't know they can do more than just levitate things.

Very good so far, definitely grabbed my attention from the first chapter. I'm enjoying the build up so far, looking forward to the next chapter.

I believe this is a AU Danny that was essentially raised in the Ghost Zone ever since he became a half-ghost. So he wouldn't really see the point in hiding his powers since he is so used to just using them all the time, cause the Ghost Zone is full of murder. So don't expect this to be the same Danny as from the show.

Ooo logic questions.
Alright, as far as the ones about Danny, he wasn't exactly thinking at the time (and the whole going ghost thing will be answered later but he didn't do that. Just used his ghosty powers.
Also, magic exists here. If Danny thinks he can get away with using his ghosty powers and wave them off as magic, he'd be more willing to do that. It's not like they can ask him what he'd done, to, so they might just think it's magic specific to his society/country/whatever.
Don't worry though, he'll likely have a freak out about it all after this crap is over.
What Luna does you'll know with the next chapter.

Lol. GZ being murder XD. Well, kind of? It's a bit more complicated than that. But I will say that the only way a ghost can be made is either by death or being born a ghost.
Also, GZ mythology.
Hmmm, not quite, but he does go into the Zone more often and does have Clockwork around to teach him things. His ghost fam helps out (most of them, cough he's related to some of his now former enemies cough not all of them like him cough one in particular). Family is important to them. That is, he goes into the Zone when he can, after returning home after those five months with the despicable-dangerous-actually competent to a degree GIW. I'm hoping to add more detail because after this next chapter he'll be able to talk to one of the ponies (who will translate for him).

Lol, keep up with the theorizing though. I love to make ya'll Take Things Too Seriously and Theorize/SCIENCE! the crap out of this.
Imagine your own scenarios to. Comment with them if you want. Maybe you'll think of something or find a loophole that I hadn't thought of.

Hmm, the spirit here sounds like Johnny's Shadow, but without a Johnny around that doesn't sound exactly correct. It could be that Ye Average Pony Mortal cannot fully see a DP Ghost in this AU, only able to see them as indistinct shadows. but that sounds a bit out there. I guess it could be a classic-style mook ghost, but it put up a bit more of a fight than one would expect from one of those. And a burning touch doesn't sound like any of the classic DP Rouge's Gallery (Ember might have launched her hair fire a couple of times, but always sucked in CQC).

Well, maybe Danny will explain next chapter. For now, he needs to find a way to dump the ghost's incorporeal ass back into the Ghost Zone, without a dorky magic thermos or a dedicated Ghost Zone Portal to boot the strays back through, their options for the shade are rather limited.

And on a stray note, this fic reminded me about a dead-before-it-even-started Danny Phantom AU with a rather interesting premise itself. Taking Ember and instead of having her die normally she lucks out into becoming a Half-Ghost and gets dumped into the Ghost Zone and then later, the Marvel Movieverse via random portal.

alicorn found herself racing alongside the her self appointed charge

Remove 'the'

Also from the authors note does that mean he never goes ghost to hide the fact that he is part ghost? I kinda wanted to see him go ghost D:

It sound more like the spectra ghost that wants her own "perfect" body, wouldn't be the first time she's done this.

This story has an unusually quick pacing compared to what I usually read, but its certainly good. It's got good atmosphere, and I can't wait for more.
also, when luna was thinking of danny's memories and mentioned a one-eyed enemy, I looked up the villains of the show, and honestly thought she was thinking of the box ghost. quite the way to die for realsies danny boy

I can't help but think that i'm missing some back story to better understand the story. :rainbowhuh:
If there is, please point me to the source. :twilightsmile:
if not, i supose i will just have to waite for the next chapter. :twilightsheepish:

There is a connected story, yes, but it's not on FIM. It can be found on AO3 or Fanfiction under the name of Spectrology by my name on those sites, TheseStarsBurnCold. I'm trying to write this one though so that one can still -eventually- understand what's going on (and what had went on with Danny before all this) without having to read it, however. Seems like I need to do a better job of that.

it's nothing that bad. :pinkiehappy:
As a fan of Danny Phantom i am very much interested in the events that lead him to his current state, and fovia of hospitals.
Since you kept trowing referenses that don't apear in the canon DF Story, (as far as i can remember, it has ben nsome years since the last time i watched an episode) it got me curios... well too curious for me to wait for the story to explain what the heck happpened. :rainbowhuh:
So as far as i'm conserned, you are doing a very good job with te story.

:pinkiehappy: Thank you, and yeah those non-canon references (for both shows) are due to the AU's. Blame Danny messing with time again for his side of things. :derpytongue2:

Things will start to slow down from here on out, hopefully. It's been a hectic couple of days for everyone at the castle, even the staff and guard who work behind the scenes.

You made a small mistake of having two [2] and no [3] in the story, by the way.

Well. That felt like a LONG 2k words. And exposition. So much exposition.

To be fair, I didn't expect a history lesson, at least, one that came out of nowhere compared to the stuff that explained Celestia and Luna's god-like role for the Equestrian solar system.

Still, it's impressive that you're able to condense so much within that.

Lots of "em-dash" abuse that are...not emdashes. Getting that "—" is a mystery, isn't it? Let me help you with that: "Alt" + "0151" on the numberpad would work wonders upon releasing alt. Unless you advocate for Apple Macs. In that case, can't help you there.

All in all, the ideas are interesting, and this may take a while before I can get into it.

Becomes Immediately interested when notices Danny Phantom.
Now I just have to actually read the story.

I am enjoying your story and noticed something that was bugging me, and thought that if I pointed it out you might be able to improve your story.
It the middle of this chapter when they were speaking about sedatives, I had a hard time distinguishing who was saying what and thought, it would be improved if that was made to be clearer.
I hope that this will help you to improve your story.

before a swirling, toxic green portal teared the very air apart.

TORE the air apart. Teared is only a word when referring to crying, as in tearing up.

Sorry, this is a great story but, Danny had anything but a peaceful death. He was literally shocked so hard with electricity and ectoplasm, that his DNA was over written. ELECTRICITY IS LIGHTNING! He probably got hit with more electricity than a bolt of lightning has. They were either tearing holes through dimensions or transcending life and death!
Others than that I like it pretty well


a crossover that doesn't make me cringe

bby, ur on the right track

The whole peaceful death thing was a fun fact XD he more got the name thanatos for his role as, well...
That pretty much sums it up.

Glad to know. I don't like cringey crossovers either.

Also, general note: I'll be sure to make the changes that ya'll pointed out with wording mistakes and such. Don't know if I'll be able to get a chapter in this week due to it being busier than usual + writers block (danny, celestia, and sweetie belle are all wanting to be the POV for the next chapter, just to start), but I shall not stop now *dramatic pose*

DP means Danny Phantom...
Danny Phantom
If I come off as rude, I appologise. Long day...

Hey, I asked. I'd never heard of it.

The wikipedia synopsis doesn't seem to include anything as dark as the villain Lulu describes in chapter 2. :derpyderp2:

Look up the Episode Reign Storm (that's where the villain king was from)
No wait.
Look up The Ultimate Enemy episode and tell me it ain't dark XD
'Sides, this is AU I can be as dark as I wanna be XD


Of course!

Only halfway through what you have so far. It's entertaining enough. Putting Thanatos in Greek characters was just mean, but I have Google Translate on my bookmarks hotbar for a reason. :p

Although you might want to do another run through hunting typos and dropped words. I've tripped over several each chapter so far.

oooo ouch. I thought I got rid of most of those nasty little things. I will venture to go back and comb through what I've got once the next chapter is, more or less, finished.


Read it out loud to yourself; it forces your brain to stop skimming the text and analyze it in order to translate it to speech; much easier to spot those lil things. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowderp: Thank you for the advice. I'll be sure to put it to use. :twilightsmile:

Danny Phantom, the cartoon about a kid that gets ghost powers from an accident with a portal to the Ghost Zone.

And who wants to bet that Celestia and Luna know Latin? It would seem like a thing that they'd have learned long ago.

That said, I was sorta hoping Esperanto would be an Equestrian thing as well, furthering cementing it as the most useful elective he's ever taken.

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