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Malrick Roscuro has everything: A fortified tower, minions employees, more riches than 96% of the population, insane amounts of physical, magical, and supernatural power, and now Trevor, an apprentice/adopted son. Unfortunately, almost everyone in the multiverse hates him and wants to kill him (he's REALLY good at making people hate him), so to finally get away from everyone's annoying attempts to murder him, he transports himself and his son to an unknown plane of existence as an "extended vacation". As they end up in Equestria, Malrick and Trevor can relax knowing nobody hates and wants to kill them, but where's the fun in that?

(Disclaimer: My Little Pony is owned by Hashbro and the title image is owned by Wizards of the Coast, but Malrick and Trevor are my own characters)
(This is my first fic, if you have any advice, criticisms, or edits, please let me know!)
(2/7/21 - 1,000 views! Whoo!)

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Comment posted by OP Omni God-Emperor Doom deleted Feb 8th, 2021

The mailbox sounds like something Discord would have

Probably, but in the words of Malrick Roscuro: "Ironic things are funny things."

"We normally would give you one, but since you didn't write your middle initial on record three-two-one-C, we have to transfer you over to floor 22 in section four-A and have you wait for twenty minutes so the folks up there could give you folder nine-five-B so you could transfer that to the accounting department at floor 12 at section seven-C and wait around twenty minutes again so they could return file nine-eight-F which would allow you to fill in your middle initial in the previous document you didn't fill in properly (which was packet six-five-D I believe) then after filling that in, you return it to the records department at floor 28 in section-"

This reminds me of the eighth task in The Twelve Tasks Of Asterix movie.

Thinking black Seeing red The dreamless sleep is in my head

red letter spell

Hey this is really good and funny hope you do more chapters

Comment posted by flub deleted Feb 8th, 2021


Seriously?! Is their even something/someone that isn't afraid of the IRS then?

Really Celestia? WHY do you care of that annoying brat of a "Nephew"? Heck, I seen other stories where Celestia, and especially Luna didn't like Blueblood. Because he is obviously a greedy, prideful, and insulting bastard. He even became traitor and tried to make a Coup against the Princesses.

So, you don't have any excuse to be that upset at Malrick?! Plus, Malrick is TOO Overpowered to face, Celestia. Your just asking a deathwish on yourself, and your kingdom.

Um? What happened to my first comment? It got deleted?

Oh, sorry about that. I think I deleted it by mistake since I didn’t know you could delete other people’s comments on your stories :facehoof:

Not really. Al Capone, world famous crime boss, was arrested for 11 years. Not for murder or illegal buying and selling of alcohol (this was during Prohibition), but for tax evasion.


Oh. It's okay. I hope their is a way to reverse it or something?


Dang! Seriously?! It's just I find it ridiculous that Demi-Gods, or maybe even God himself has to "pay" a Multiverse Version of a IRS! 😵

And that "this" Multiversal IRS are Yellow Demons. :twilightoops:

I don’t think so, I created a comment and tried to undelete it after deleting it, but alas, to no avail :(

Thinking black Seeing red The dreamless sleep is in my head

Celetia fluffy Fluffy good Therefore, celestia good

Absolutely PRICELESS humor :rainbowlaugh:

All the murder is concerning...

Is that a Skyrim situation? If hes like me, i murdered about any bandit to finance my life and adopted familie.
Doing actualy the majority of the nation a favor wile being the absolut nightmare for everyone using lethal force to rob traveling volks.

Great chapter and story start.

I wonder what kind of MC we have here and in what kind of Equestria they will land. Thanks to Fimfiction i experienced a wide variation of em from cute/silly/wholesome to absolutly evil murder that is beyond enjoyment...
Well... If the Mailbox legitim tried to eat/kill someone than only a dangerous/ murderous Discord.
The Q type of MLP Discord i prefer dont kill since dead mortals cant entertain noone wile learn to become greater than they were the day before... :raritywink:
Yes and no. Really depends on the context...
Good old times :eeyup:
O...k... You can explain the reference perhaps?

Equestria is the Nation of the Ponys... Its big but not really including the Badlands... Than again Author makes wrong facts into fitting pieces of a puzze by cutting em into a fitting order of his own... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"No, you ask the questions no one else asks because you're basically insane." Trevor decided to point out.

Holy shit i laughed so hard my tummy hurt.
Comedic timing 10/10 !

"Does the cat have extreme strength and dexterity, insane levels of magic, obscene amounts of money, magical items left and right, and an army of animated objects?" Malrick countered.

Huh... Interessting way to get the establisment of the MC done fast yet vage enough to bullshit stuff later on as needed. Discord might adopt this guys :rainbowlaugh:

"HEY! The most important thing one could have is a good smile! And just to correct you, there are MANY different Gods of Death, I just work for A God of Death. On a different note, I have met many other Gods in my life like the God of Life, Magic, Storms, Light, and a couple others. I should also probably mention that I've 'gotten rid of' a few Gods, but only because they were evil and most of the pantheons wanted them gone, so I did their jobs for them so I can brag about how I'm better at their jobs than they are."

Fuck... Didnt spontane facepalm myself so hard it stung for a second or 5... You sir are for the moment one of my favorit top 50 Authors on Fimfiction :rainbowdetermined2:

Ok... Discord will perhaps want to marry that Lunatic :trollestia:

Absolutely PRICELESS humor :rainbowkiss:
Knowing the time table i doubt Pinkie Pie is the MC pony daughter... Perhaps a distante multiverse relative? This story seem to run on random logic that sound like 'Pinkie is being Pinkie' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I have a Pinkie Pie... Your argument is invalid :pinkiehappy:

:yay: for Celestia to make a new...
friend , acquaintance , not to violent something

Damn... He hit you with a book as well?
It was a damn atlas on my end :fluttercry:
Wait... He hit you to?! :pinkiegasp:
Nice :coolphoto:

Im over 30 and never filled out or payed intencialy Taxes... Guess i have to inform myself about stuff like that... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I wonder how seriouse this is in Germany :trixieshiftright:
I hope for a full story :ajsmug:
Do to ignorance and simply not knowing? ... ... ...
Perhaps :unsuresweetie:
Are you seriouse :rainbowderp:
Nice :coolphoto:

Polymorph ... O my... What chaos...
Discord must be party hard in his stone prison...

Blueball is lucky that stupidity dont hurt...
He would be screaming bloody murder :facehoof:

Nice 👍:ajsmug:

I think i know the storys you referance to...
But in 1 out of like 10 statisticly hes not a absolut ass, nice or even a good side character :twilightsmile:
9 out of 1 hes :pinkiesick:
:yay: Something new was learned :trollestia:
Could be worse. No its couldnt (~-~)/)

7 Dislikes on this story... I guess trolls :applejackunsure:

( • . •)
/ >❤️
Want this?

( • _ •)
❤️ ¯\_(^.^)_/¯ You
❤️ ¯\_(^.~)_/¯ 💛 Go
❤️ ¯\_(~.^)_/¯ 💛💚You
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❤️ ¯\_(^_^)_/¯ 💛💚💙💜Well
❤️ ¯\_(^.^)_/¯ 💛💚💙💜💖Today

camo.fimfiction.net/HGKOVNTrPh_dQIegq-4XQTTfq37sBPSPcGN3_7ZAMFg?url=https%3A%2F%2Fderpicdn.net%2Fimg%2Fview%2F2014%2F7%2F10%2F671941.gif :yay:

Yeah... I wish they at least told me why they disliked. If they didn't like the story, they could do the 2 billion IQ move called "Don't read it"

For the hearts, the Chrysalis nom nom on one of the hearts or the hidden ninja Fluttershy cheering?

I wonder which species they'll interact with first, and if they'll adapt to the widely accepted polygamy. Like if they move to the ponies area they'll most likely see the gender imbalance (Ponies gender ratio: 75 - 90% female, 25 - 10% male), and they may not have a problem with it if they (via a spell) transform the ones that want to be in a relationship with them into anthro forms of them. (Unless that's already covered by some other factor, like there humans with special blood that gives them the power of earth ponies, unicorns, etc.)

Thanks for the clarification on Equestria (error on my part), I fixed it and currently in the process of editing some chapters

Of all the list of his crime, there's only 9 count of littering:pinkiesad2:

Malrick may or may not care more about the sidewalks than human life...

So have fun sleeping tonight!

I will :derpytongue2:

LOL didnt thing you really full a displaced on that MC since hes basicly already displaced.
Wonder whats the deal with displaced anyway.
Great storys all together but... Is there a higher purpose? Or just simply one huge Community event to mix storys together for the fun of it?

"Displaced" are a type of genre of fics where (usually) a person goes to Comic-Con, has cosplay, meets the Merchant, gets item from said Merchant, gets sent to Equestria, and basically become the character they are cosplaying. They actually have some type of ruling on what is allowed as a "displaced" fic.

The second Omake I'm working on is basically a continuation on this one (so like a 1.5)

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