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A guy from switzerland who likes cheese, mountains and horse words.... lots and lots of horse words.


Proceed at your own risk, it is highly recommended to protect your eyes from laying eyes upon the words in this piece of fiction! If you do anyway, it is recommended to rinse your eyes with bleach and commence with a class two brain reboot.
Proceed at your own risk.

With the warning out of the way, what is this?
This, is my very first attempt at writing a story from back in 2012. It's... not good, to say the least. At the time of posting, it was torn apart by the few brave souls who read it, but there was also some constructive criticism involved, which helped me tremendously down the line.

I eventually deleted this out of shame, not wanting this story to stain my rep so to speak. But now, I think it's funny how bad it is, and I though I'd bring it back to serve as an example for aspiring writers.

Nobody is good at what they do when they start out, and this is proof. I hope that somebody sees how garbage this is, and maybe gets the courage to write something themselves.

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Rickety Gear has been proudly maintaining the Ponyville clock tower all his life. A task that had been entrusted to his family for generations. But his family has also been working on something else in the shadows, and now, the project is finally coming to an end. After years of construction, all that's left is to activate the machine.

But will it really go according to plan?

Cover image used with permission by Konsumo
The picture

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This story is a sequel to Divine Indifference

For over a thousand years Atlas had been holed up in a mountain, working tirelessly on the only way to save the planet Equus and himself from certain doom. Alas, an unexpected event throws all his plans out of the window. He is running out of time and needs to find a solution as fast as possible, or everything he fought for might just disappear into thin air.

As the revolutionary fight of the gods reaches its climax, Atlas is caught up in a race against time. He will have to work together with his old friends to pull off a miracle before it's too late.

Cover art by The Spirits Demise thank you very much!

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After what must have been the most epic of benders ever bent in the history of alcohol and metal combined, James finds himself waking up in a new world, crammed into an unfamiliar new body.

Left with little to no choice in the matter, he has to adapt to this new situation, all the while looking for a possible way back home. As if all of this wasn't already crazy enough, this world seemed to be inhabited by technicolor ponies which worshipped powerful beings called: Alicorns.

After finding out that he was indeed an alicorn himself, he decides to keep this fact a secret. Being crowned as a prince would surely invite more trouble than it was worth.

This story is inspired by Snorting Gentlemans story: Alicorn of Music: Reliving The Childhood. The idea behind the story always fascinated me, and, with Snorting Gentlemans permission, I've decided to write out my own twist at it.

This is just a side project for me, so updates will be irregular.

Cover Art by the amazing The Spirits Demise.

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This story is a sequel to Divine Entertainment

Atlas, Discord and Starswirl have safely arrived in the newly founded Equestria. The ponies that came before them already built up quite a few flourishing cities, setting aside their differences and living together in harmony.

Close to one such newly founded town, Atlas built what he personally insists on calling a "secret lab" where he conducts research and experiments to gain a better understanding of runic magic. Assisted by his adopted son Discord and his scholarly friend Starswirl, they'll have to recreate this lost art if Atlas wants to be prepared for the foretold showdown between the greek gods. All while keeping an eye out for the events that are supposed to bring the true Equestria into existence.

This sequel story will focus mostly on Atlas' research into runes and the timeline that is known to him. Therefore I've decided to replace the adventure tag from the last story with slice of life, although there might still be some adventure-y chapters.

Cover Art by Navanastra, go check out his awesome stories!

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Research! Arc:
Chapter 1 - 4
9’208 Words

Travels! Arc:
Chapter 5 - 7
12'858 Words

Research 2, Research Harder! Arc:
Chapter 8 - 11
7'920 Words

The Two Sisters Arc:
Chapter 12 - 23
38'885 Words

Equestria Arc:
Chapter 24 - xxx

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On a fateful night, Alex wins the divine lottery and is approached by Hermes, an Olympian god. He is promised one wish, whatever it may be.

Alas, the encounter doesn't quite work out like he hoped it would.

Alex finds himself thrown into a world that is wholly unfamiliar to him. Gone are his dreams of meeting the mane six. He doesn't even have the luxury of keeping his human form.

Having to deal with an unfamiliar surrounding and a new body, this story follows him on his way to find his own place in this alien world.

Character tags will be added as they become relevant. Teen rating is mostly for some bloody scenes. (nothing too gory). Also, the prologue plays far off in the
future of this story and we won't be returning to that point in quite some time.

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Divine Universe, the FimFic group all about the Divine Entertainment universe!

Arrival Arc:
Chapter 1 - 9
23,198 Words

Journey Arc:
Chapter 10 - 28
48,381 Words

Scholar Arc:
Chapter 29 - 63
133,627 Words

Disclaimer: You may encounter several broken image links in the notes of this story... sorry.

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