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Blade Star

A fan of MLP since March 2013 and a die hard fan of Princess Luna.


Update Tonight · 2:47pm Aug 26th, 2023

Hey everypony,

I'm back. And back writing too. I've finally found some energy and inclination to get back into writing, and have managed to hash out three more chapters of 'Crossing the Rubicon'. Expect sporadic updates, starting tonight.

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I know a guy who works in the post so I know what you mean, hope you get some much needed rest.

Looking forward to reading those when they come out, have a nice day my friend. :twilightsmile:

3030643 I'm planning to move away from the HiE genre for a while. I might circle back and maybe do a short fic or two, maybe a sort of deleted scenes for chapters and ideas that didn't make the final cut. But I kind of want to move away from that whole universe and branch out a bit. I'm currently working on a story built around Tempest's reformation, and I've got a Luna/Stygian fic in the works too. The former is already five chapters in, while the latter is pretty much fleshed out insofar as planning. The trouble is work has been hell recently (postman, so I get to deliver ALL the parcels :pinkiecrazy:) and I've been too tired to write. I've got two weeks leave coming next week though, and I plan to make some headway and possibly publish.

Hey Blade Star, how have you been doing? Been a fan for your stories for a long time now, so I was wondering what's next?

I would personally like to see more of Lizzy and Drewdrop, but that just me. :twilightsmile:

Saw your profile and wanted to introduce myself.

  • Viewing 89 - 93 of 93
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