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A fan of MLP since March 2013 and a die hard fan of Princess Luna. The Moon shall rise again.


Good News! · 5:20pm Saturday

I had some great news today. My job search is at an end, and this time, I hope to get a proper career out of it. No more short term contracts for me!

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Oh noes, I'm being stalked!😱

Gonna keep a watch out for your next story, you became one of my few favorite authors here on fimfiction

Lessons From Ponyville Elementary is a vary good story and should defiantly go places.

Hello. TBD means To-Be-Determined. It catches my interest, and will be read later. When/if I can find the time. Too many authors, too many good stories to read. But what a way to spend a life!

2214633 You're welcome. You've certainly got a knack for writing Sombra. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 67 - 71 of 71
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