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Flutters Is Shy



Someone read one of my stories on YouTube. · 9:19pm October 20th


Pretty much exactly what it says in the title. I feel embarrassed, but in a pleased way.

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>Points you towards the stories I've been writing on spacebattles...

Sooo... it's been a few years. Are you ever going to continue or remake your Kill la Kill displaced story?

Moanaaa~! Make way, make way~! Moana it's time you learn, the site of Fimfiction needs your stories~!

Consider the Applegate~! The what? Consider it's fans~! They're begging you as hard as they can~!

Suuuuure... Here, you and Pinkie go hug him first, I'll be right behind you offering emotional support.

You ever seen him Mike Tysons Punch Out? Poor lad is so shy, he tries to get you out of the ring as quickly as possible.

Tyson just wants a hug~

  • Viewing 162 - 166 of 166
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