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So here's what's been happening. · 5:03pm June 4th

I got burnt out on My Little Pony.

I still love the series, and have no plans to abandon my works on this site. The fact of the matter is I was getting bored with what I was writing, which is unfair to you the viewers. So I distanced myself from what I had written, trying to give myself a bit of a 'rest' period.

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"two best sisters" and the characters "luna and celestia". what an interesting combination of characters, on the one hand we have 2 beings who could end their patience to whoever they are and are hilarious. on the other side we have the 2 princesses who govern in diarchy.

I do not know how to explain it but the idea is fun and it makes you want to read it.

aqui hay algunos que a dia de hoy siguen aqui contigo. buen trabajo con applegate pero intenta profundizar un poco mas el universo local.:pinkiesmile:

got fans asking when you gamer going to the next chapter???
maybe people love that story?????:moustache:
happy new year:rainbowwild:

When's the next "the gamer" update?

When are you going to update the gamer displaced?

It does more than just retaliate if you provoke it!


  • Viewing 152 - 156 of 156
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