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A Writer, Editor, and a Proofreader who is here to make good stories and help in the community

The things that I like to write about

About me:

Hello it's me theone2three:

I am a person who has been a fan of MLP:FiM from almost the beginning...

I stopped watching the show after season one and didn't know the fandom existed until this year in March 2013
thats when I went back watching the show again and like the first time ... fell in love with it again.
And like any person in the fandom I got into the show because of all of the same reasons you got into the show...

The writing, the animation etc. but I am proud of being part of this and I am more than willing to help the community in anyway possible... like with your writing and almost anything I can think of...

My Email is the best way to communicate with me but PM's work fine as well but don't expect and instant answer

This blog... Will tell you all the things I like and will show you how to communicate with me and what I use to proofread and Edit stories and I advise you to look at that first Before you PM or Email me with a request

I am also starting to do some art because I found it hard to find an artist who had some time on there hand.
My deviantart is here just click the link and I will have updates from there.

All things pertaining to my OC's will be here in this link ( P.S link not ready yet :derpytongue2: )

Another thing I am doing and will add when the time comes is a complete summery... chapter by chapter about my story and I can tell its going to be long... trust me...

P.S this was on the bio part but I made a separate one so this info could still be seen...

Who Am I

Its me theone2three and this is who I am

lets see I'm a brony...

I am of Hispanic origin ...

I currently attend high school

I love all ponies... expect for some OC's
From the mane 6 here's the order of liking
1)pinkie pie
2)twilight sparkle
3)rainbow dash

yep the last four is a tie... cant put them lower

List of accomplishments

Story Views:
[×] 1
[×] 50
[×] 100
[×] 200
[×] 500
[ ] 1000
[ ] 2000
[ ] 5000
[ ] 10000
[ ] ??? over that

Number of Followers
[×] 1
[×] 5
[×] 10
[×] 25
[ ] 50
[ ] 100

Other accomplishments
[×] Editing with one person
[×] Helping a person get on Equestria Daily
[] Getting featured on Equestria Daily
[] Getting on the popular stories on FimFiction
[] Get art on Equestria Daily
[] Get a interview
[] Have a person have a Popular story that I helped edit.
[] Meet a Admin in real life... its a personal goal
[] Meet a voice actor from MLP:FIM

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Thanks for the watch.

1719093 triple ying yang. My cutie mark... Well not exactly tho.
> goes to your page
> looks at description
>I like celestia.
> I'm a atheist clopper ...
>you've hit the nail on the head
> gg
> *followed*

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