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Here's to You, FiM (Part 2) · 5:33am October 31st

While it is now officially the day of spookiness, expensive costumes and diabetes, I take this time to actually follow up on the thing I said I was going to do. It's kind of weird, committing to something. Anywho, I actually managed to make the video. After that many years out of it, I not only forgot I didn't have video editing software anymore (corrupted hard drive), but that my Internet speeds are significantly lower than times past. Oh well. It worked eventually.

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The basic general version is a dom Dash fic.

Oh, a request? What kind of request are we talking?

Would you be willing to take a request?

Thanks for the Watch! I would ask what roped you in, but I can pretty easily assume it was Legacy. I hope to see you around on future chapters! And toss out a comment here or there; I'm always a fan of hearing what my readers have to say.

Hey there!

I recently returned from a bit of a hiatus which seemed to help the quality of my work. Getting the spirit back, and all that jazz.

Hopefully you'll enjoy them! There have been hits and misses as far as quality is concerned (the first one, oh god), but the prose and finesse have gotten better over time. I'd honestly say Preening is the best of what I've written so far, but you don't have to take my word for it. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 484 - 488 of 488
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