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Sunny Sunday #4: Pitfalls Part 2: Self-Doubt · 1:12am Dec 18th, 2017

Another Sunday, another day to make sunny. I'm Crysis Commander and welcome to the fourth installment of Sunny Sunday. Last week we took a look at one of the common pitfalls of negative self talk (self-pity), and today we will look at another challenge we may face when conversing with ourselves: self-doubt. Yes, there will be a lot of 'selfs' in these next few installments. Let's get started.

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Hey there!

I recently returned from a bit of a hiatus which seemed to help the quality of my work. Getting the spirit back, and all that jazz.

Hopefully you'll enjoy them! There have been hits and misses as far as quality is concerned (the first one, oh god), but the prose and finesse have gotten better over time. I'd honestly say Preening is the best of what I've written so far, but you don't have to take my word for it. :twilightsmile:

So.... I’ve got “Pleasures of Preening” in my “to read” list. I’ve not read any of your stories, but your online stats of followers, your stories and the like/dislike ratio for those stories has me cautiously optimistic I shall enjoy your work. And twidash = instant interest so there’s that.
I’ll give you more feedback once I’ve read your story. And who knows, maybe your work will help me improve my own crappy stuff. ^_^

Story Approver

You're my hero.

Thank you for the favorite. ^_^

  • Viewing 480 - 484 of 484
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