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I'm a Royalty X Human romance writer, with little to no exceptions. So don't expect me to write Pony x Pony anytime soon.


3000 FOLLOWERS! · 4:24pm July 2nd

Well holy shit!

I never once even dreamed that I could obtain this level of popularity. Not once!

And yet there it is, 3002 people following my work.

Thank you, thank you all for always supporting me.

Love ya,

Zam x

Report Zamairiac · 137 views ·

Expect a lot of my romance stories to have marefriends like this!

Which in simple terms, amounts to this type of possessive behavior

You've been warned

My Stories

Why Do I Write?

I write because it allows me to break free from the confining chains of reality.

I write because once I get myself into my imaginative flow, I just can't stop...I can't think of anything but the story of which I am writing, painting and creating.

Romance nowadays is a rare and precious thing...tainted by the harsh truth of reality.

But when I write about it, when I describe the emotions and sensations of love, lust and passion...

There's nothing in reality that can even compare...

Sometimes I struggle to think of how to continue.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me to just give up, to surrender and let reality drag me down and chain me to it forever.

But then I remember why I write. I remember how it feels to finally upload a chapter that I'd been working on for days.

I remember every person who commented on said chapter. Who complimented, criticized, liked and disliked.

Sometimes I wonder if I've done a good job...sometimes I let it get to me and I feel quite empty.

But then you guys come out and save me...and I remember why I write.

Because even after everything I've written here...the reason I write isn't for me.

It's for you :)

My Top Three Rules When It Comes To MY Stories.

One- My story, my rules.

If you don't like what's on the page and feel the need to complain, do tell me so, and then click the X button. Seriously, unless it's criticism, then I honestly do not care about how much you 'Hate the way I written her, yada, yada!'.

Two- Do not tell me how to write my stories.

Tis a simple rule really. I write for my fans and, mostly, for myself. I write because I enjoy the happy/over the top/excited comments.

I write how I do, keep your opinion to yourself, or don't. Either way, I care very little about whiny complaints. Remember, there's a difference between that and criticism, and I only care about the latter.

Three- Have fun! And tell me what you think

If you enjoy my stories then tell me so!

I love hearing what you think, whether it's harsh criticism or wonderfully enthusiastic compliments. Though like I mentioned in rule two, whiny opinions about the plot will be ignored or laughed at.

Now then, unlike some people tend to think, I do NOT write my stories to hoard in favorites and followers, to think otherwise is beyond idiotic.

In any case, those are the rules I keep when writing my work. Whether or not you follow them is your choice, though if you break them, I will either laugh or simply ignore you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty laid back guy. I just can't be arsed with particular people sometimes :P

Thanks for reading :D

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I am just curious. Do you plan, or consider doing even a one-shot story with Twilight x human that is like 'Alex' stories?

Woo! Glad you’re back!

Ok, then that is a maybe.
I tell you this because a long time ago, you wrote in your blog a little story with Solar Flare.


Not at the moment, but who knows eh? :trollestia:


Hey Zam, do you have plans for a story with the new alicorn villainess, Daybreaker?

I would like to know that too.


Holy shit, you came back for a bit.

I never got a chance to thank you for the stories you've written. Was a big fan of Alex and Cadance back in teh day. Shame I don't get to see how it ends, but that's just the way of it I suppose. Godspeed, you magnificent bastard. Godspeed.

immortal lovers?

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