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A somewhat well known author, who is also well known for his inconsistent upload schedule. (My Patreon!)

Expect a lot of my romance stories to have marefriends like this!

Which in simple terms, amounts to this type of possessive behavior

You've been warned

Story Art By - ImAbronyFagg

This page is dedicated to a rather brilliant chap who has created some wonderful art for my story, Mated For Life.

As he creates more, I shall update this section with each drawing he does.

Click here to go directly to his user page.

Mated For Life #1
And here we have a scene from the story. Chrissy is disguised as Celestia, facing a very hateful Richard who, in his fury, cannot see her for who she is.

Mated For Life #2
A portrait of both Richard and Chrissy.


My Second Original Story! · 1:00am March 25th

Turns out grief and pain and make for a hell of a muse cocktail.

I would be beyond grateful if you could all tell me what you think. Hell, I'd even take ideas for another story in this universe I've created!

Click here to read!

Thank you, much love.

Kisses Xx

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My Stories

Why Do I Write?

I write because it allows me to break free from the confining chains of reality.

I write because once I get myself into my imaginative flow, I just can't stop...I can't think of anything but the story of which I am writing, painting and creating.

Romance nowadays is a rare and precious thing...tainted by the harsh truth of reality.

But when I write about it, when I describe the emotions and sensations of love, lust and passion...

There's nothing in reality that can even compare...

Sometimes I struggle to think of how to continue.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me to just give up, to surrender and let reality drag me down and chain me to it forever.

But then I remember why I write. I remember how it feels to finally upload a chapter that I'd been working on for days.

I remember every person who commented on said chapter. Who complimented, criticized, liked and disliked.

Sometimes I wonder if I've done a good job...sometimes I let it get to me and I feel quite empty.

But then you guys come out and save me...and I remember why I write.

Because even after everything I've written here...the reason I write isn't for me.

It's for you :)

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Hello, Zamairiac; I hope you are doing well. I thank you for writing the catalog of stories that you have, even if a few of the especially good ones are either dead or on an indefinite hiatus. In any such case, I thank you, sir.

Have you watched Marvel's Moon 🌙 Knight? (Sound like your story to Alexander/ Xander Pentagast "Mirror Image" )

Maybe this will get your Moja running ;D

First comment of 2022?

YOU NEED SOME BONK!:pinkiecrazy:

hello! *bonk*

Big fan of yours bro! You actually inspired me to write my own stories and I just wanted to thank ya.

Hope everything is awesome in your life!

So a little something I have been thinking about
on your old fanfiction page you wrote an interesting start to a story which featured a human and a vampire Vinyl Scratch. Honestly been thinking about if you were to ever continue it as some kind chapter a year on halloween or something.

For context I started following you there before you hit is big here on fimfiction.

Zamairiac ive been a huge fan for years. I was hoping i could hire you to write a human in equestria story featuring my oc. Ill give you his personality and details and who id like him paired with. My email is hjoshuak21@gmail.com message me there. Ive got funds ready

  • Viewing 525 - 534 of 534
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