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I'm a Royalty X Human romance writer, with little to no exceptions. So don't expect me to write Pony x Pony anytime soon.


Probably not a suprise. But I'm here to say that I've moved on. · 2:30pm May 28th, 2017

As the title says, it's probably not too surprising given the length of time it's been since I last uploaded anything on here, but the sad fact is that I've completely moved on past MLP.

To be frank, the spark that the show once had has died for me. I don't find it entertaining anymore and trying to recover some sort of muse from the recent episodes leaves me disapointed and a little sad.

However, I have not stopped writing. In fact I have moved onto a different universe.

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Expect a lot of my romance stories to have marefriends like this!

Which in simple terms, amounts to this type of possessive behavior

You've been warned

My Stories

Why Do I Write?

I write because it allows me to break free from the confining chains of reality.

I write because once I get myself into my imaginative flow, I just can't stop...I can't think of anything but the story of which I am writing, painting and creating.

Romance nowadays is a rare and precious thing...tainted by the harsh truth of reality.

But when I write about it, when I describe the emotions and sensations of love, lust and passion...

There's nothing in reality that can even compare...

Sometimes I struggle to think of how to continue.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me to just give up, to surrender and let reality drag me down and chain me to it forever.

But then I remember why I write. I remember how it feels to finally upload a chapter that I'd been working on for days.

I remember every person who commented on said chapter. Who complimented, criticized, liked and disliked.

Sometimes I wonder if I've done a good job...sometimes I let it get to me and I feel quite empty.

But then you guys come out and save me...and I remember why I write.

Because even after everything I've written here...the reason I write isn't for me.

It's for you :)

My Top Three Rules When It Comes To MY Stories.

One- My story, my rules.

If you don't like what's on the page and feel the need to complain, do tell me so, and then click the X button. Seriously, unless it's criticism, then I honestly do not care about how much you 'Hate the way I written her, yada, yada!'.

Two- Do not tell me how to write my stories.

Tis a simple rule really. I write for my fans and, mostly, for myself. I write because I enjoy the happy/over the top/excited comments.

I write how I do, keep your opinion to yourself, or don't. Either way, I care very little about whiny complaints. Remember, there's a difference between that and criticism, and I only care about the latter.

Three- Have fun! And tell me what you think

If you enjoy my stories then tell me so!

I love hearing what you think, whether it's harsh criticism or wonderfully enthusiastic compliments. Though like I mentioned in rule two, whiny opinions about the plot will be ignored or laughed at.

Now then, unlike some people tend to think, I do NOT write my stories to hoard in favorites and followers, to think otherwise is beyond idiotic.

In any case, those are the rules I keep when writing my work. Whether or not you follow them is your choice, though if you break them, I will either laugh or simply ignore you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty laid back guy. I just can't be arsed with particular people sometimes :P

Thanks for reading :D

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Holy shit, you came back for a bit.

I never got a chance to thank you for the stories you've written. Was a big fan of Alex and Cadance back in teh day. Shame I don't get to see how it ends, but that's just the way of it I suppose. Godspeed, you magnificent bastard. Godspeed.

immortal lovers?

I think i'm going to read Zam's stories first after the two initial rentries to this site. Hell on my bookmark bar there's the main page, my unfinished story, and then zam's page :3 So Luna never got her story yet I think, unless i'm not paying attention, I cant tell which stories are what series anymore with zam X3 it's been too long

He just put up a new blog post...

Is everything ok whats going on with life?

Dear Zamairiac, season 6 gave us a really interest story involving time travel and what if escenarios with various villains.

My question is…have you consider make a story about Starlight Glimmer?

Man fuck!

I just finished Alex or Xander, and I see this comment?

I hope you finish your stories, but I'm glad that I at least read what was here.

You're still a damn good author dude. Thanks for sharing the stories that you did share.

So I'm just here to say I really love your fics. You're probably one of my favorite human x pony authors, and they're all amazing. I've only really started reading all of your stuff recently, except I did find that you made one of my most favorite fics ever that I refound, To Run From the Sun.

Thanks for the laughs, and I hope you update TRFtS soon!

I think.... There's a point where you can taste the air after coming back to something so beloved, it's taken the inflection of your life's decisions and driven them to a whole new direction. Beyond those small moments in the morning, that tender song that somehow pops up in your music list... You feel the tang that surrounds you, and the stirring of angst compels you to come back to that element that brought you so much.

Zamair... I hope you're healthy. I hope you find peace and the friendship that brought us all to this website.

Of course, i do want you to continue you stories, but i want your heart in the right place. I want that power that made them so identifiable, so tangible that it hurt.

Until next time.

Just read "No One Refuses Mi Amore Cadenza". Thank you for a hilarious tidbit of fiction. Loved it! :heart: I do hope you return with more.

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