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'We are all different at heart, but under the banner of Brony kind united to create the greatest artworks of all time.'

If ya wanna join a group full of random pic volleys, super awesome one-shot contests, or just people to bounce ideas around, this is the group for you. Maybe make some awesome friends! I mean, who doesn't like friends! ... Anyhoof, if you want to just hang and shoot the breeze, join the group and steam group! We'll also be having awards and doing our best to get stories the attention they deserve! So come join us to the 'Welcome to the Group' party!


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comment, dammit

A bit of randomness: Earlier today I called in to a podcast I enjoy and played their trivia game. I'm in Wednesday 10/30's episode. If you want to get a listen you can hear it at The Brian & Jill Show website.

I'm at the very end, though the game itself starts 46:18 (you can see the timer by hitting the ? on the player)

My Halloween costume is complete. I shall be dressing as Doctor Who's Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton.

Come on everypony, Post in the forums

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Sweet! Been waiting for you. Now we can start the partay! Most of the convo's happen on steam group, but feel free to go crazy on the boards here.

330247 yay new member, welcome to the herd:twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh::ajsmug::raritystarry::heart:

Feel free to add to the forums and any story you made to the 'by members' folder

Welcome one, Welcome all to the newest group on the block...CCB

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