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Shimmering Honor

I am Shimmering Honor, I became a Brony when a mate and my brother manged to get me to watch the first two episodes, from then on I was hooked. now I want to start to write and jump into the fandom.

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Hello everyone...


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My Favorite Ponies

I am now going to write down which ponies I like and why.

Mane 6:
Rainbow Dash, I don't really now why I like Rainbow Dash so much, she is awesome and cool, and is cute in her own special way.

Pinkie Pie: I often feel I am a real life, sane(ish) version of Pinkie Pie, minus the parties all the time, I try to make everyone around me happy and smile. so I feel I can connect to her.

Back Ground characters:
Vinyl Scratch: Again, i find it hard to pin down. I am not a fan of that type of music, the techno and stuff, but I feel that she is awesome, and some of the stories I have read based around her are awesome like accidental harmony, she is just to cool for words.

Derpy Hooves: she is just different, she is unique, so much so that I couldn't help but like her, especially how someponies have portrayed her, like in the novel Isn't it great to be different and the song of the same name by Forest Rain.

OC's (other than mine)
Clay: seen in Wings for a pony he is just so awesome, his little heart wants to fly so badly, and I feel like he is just amazing father in sequel, from what i can gather he is like me, kind and caring and full of potential, and always worried about what his mother would say.

Star Shine: Seen in the ongoing Working towards the Future, he is funny and awesome at the same time, a bit stupid and idiotic, but i can relate to him, he often jumps to conclusions, like me.

Fillies and foals (the children):
Scootaloo mainly because noone knows alot about her, my liking of her has grown massively while reading Working towards the future so much so that I cant wait to see what they do with her in series 4 of MLP:FIM, I hope it is good as she is an awesome scooter rider and is just cool.

Apple Bloom: I dont know why, but I feel an attachment to her, mainly because of the bullying.

and that's real it for who i like, now for which ponies I don't like

Mane 6:
Twilight Sparkle: Yep I cant stand Twilight, which is hard to imagine as she is basically the character the show revolves around the most. So why don't I like her, SHE BECAME A PRINCESS TO START OF WITH!!:flutterrage: so yeah there is that one. I feel she has no real special feature... you have AJ who is strong and hard working, RD who is awesome and cool, FS who can work well with animals, PP who is out of control CRAZY, but funny and random. And Rarity who is wanting to become famous and design clothes:rainbowwild:.
But Twilight, Starts the show with no friends and then is all powerful with magic and all knowing, I really don't like her, she is too, too, OP. And then there is the mess up of Equestria Girls...:facehoof:

Back ground Character:
Zecora: the reason i am not fond of this one, i hard to pin down, It may be the constant rhyming as the main reason, It hurts to make sense of what see means some times, even harder to think up a rhyme when she is in my story.

Trixie: need I say more, show off and arrogant, some one I know was like that and he was a real ass (look over to the donkey) no offense.
(donkey replies) None Taken.

Flash Sentry OHHH...How I wish I could kill this character.... OH wait, I did... you see in my Novel. Sound of Thunder: Calm Before the Storm, I kill him off, and quiet spectacularly as we (if I say so myself)

I havent met one I dont like yet.

Fillies and Foals (the children)

Diamond Tiara: again, need I say more.an arrogant, stuck up, rich filly, I just generally hate the richer folk, especially when they are so arrogant, If you don't show off that you have the money, then you are alright.

Silver spoon: I cant stand tagalongs, ones that follow bullies and agree to what ever they say, makes my wings want to slap her as I fly past.

so yeah, that's that

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Hi! Just checking you are ok!

1347488 thanks for the watch, whats the reason?

How did I earn ur fallow

1031324 what? did I do something wrong? oh god I did something wrong...
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1000915 thanks matey...not really bothered about the numbers, just happy that people care enough to listen to the crazy coming outta my mind:pinkiecrazy:

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I'm going to admit it; I genuinely enjoyed Equestria Girls. It had potential to be more but it didn't do too bad. Jus' sayin'


I saw that you were a good friend of Ed (Vocal Brony) and I thought I'd toss you a follow. :twilightsmile:

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