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kay, i was wondering if anyone would wanna help me with a story i wanna start up. The idea is that a bunch of random individuals 'ported into Equestria by some freak accident that will be explained later. the bunch, like 6 people at max. they all find that they enjoy music and decide to form a concert together. (oh, random side note: whatever the character has near him will be ported with him, hint hint, wink wink) so yeah, that one.
the other is basically the same except they're all actual musicians or singers. to be honest, i like the first one better simply because you can self-insert yourself into the story if you want. it's a concert. So the chapters would be like 1-2 songs per chapter plus other chapters after, before, and during the concert itself. Sound okay with ya'll? Ummmm... you can also bounce ideas off me as well.

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Hey screw the 6 peeps at max thing. Also, I got the permission of both Phileo and DJ Garnika to use their music complete with lyrics and everything. So we can use "The Way She Flies" and whatever we want for Kevin (Garnika) as long as we promote them.
...actually we can use them anyway.

i'm not gonna be on for a very long time so... just go to the threads and just post your ideas. sorry, i have missing assignments to catch up with so this story will be on hiatus. sorry all; i'll probably back next month with small updates whenever i can. On a side note,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Hmmm~? What kind of music are you going for?

342707 Anywhoodle, this is your show and all that. Just get some threads going where we can bounce around character and plot ideas around, I'll contribute when i've got the time. ('nother muster was just called. -_-')

Lol, lazy group dicription is lazy. :P

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