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The mod of Ask Violet Factory. The word Factory is there cause Rainbow Factory. I like to art and write. DRABBLE PROMPT NINJA FISH


Sorry for my massive lack of activity on anything · 2:34am Apr 23rd, 2015

A lot has happened. I know, I don't post stories or update my tumblr ask blogs anymore; but I don't have the time or motivation. I've been spacing out of the mlp fandom for a while now, got into Steven Universe, Paranatural, Homestuck, and Vallhalla. I've done a lot but at the same time I've done literally nothing.

School and life and stuff are really taking a toll on me, and my main focus is to hang in there right now, so everything is a side project. Like a hiatus across everything.

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Sorry for the super late reply I logged for the first time in ages. Dropped you a follow-back :twilightsmile:

Derpy? You okay? :fluttershysad:

1030219 Become one with the Rainbow Factory's fandom and you will be fine . *sinks into tumblr*

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