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Arctic Wave

Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor. ~Unknown

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Do you know a user named Sam Polson in real life?

Thank you for the follow. :pinkiehappy:

Do you have a story with potential, but only a few likes/views? Have you spent days working on something, but almost anyone noticed?

If you fit in one of these cases, or just want to read some nice stories, then you're more than welcome to join in The Hot Muffins Group

Every week, five stories are selected to be featured on my 'Featured Muffins' blog post. Also, with reviews and etc...

I wish you a nice day, and oh; have a follower for you! Feel free to return it or not.

- PedroHander

'Happiness is a journey, not a destination'

Well, I can't wait to show you what I do have planned for my stories.

1053650 Sounds about right. :moustache:

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The stories by... ME!


I have this... problem... · 9:49pm Mar 16th, 2014

So I have a G+... Some of you know that...

Getting to the point here...

One of my friends on G+ is really nice, and we actually live VERY close together.

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