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It now doubles as a fan group. Huh.

A collection of both my own Comedy rated stories, as well as favorites.
Got something that you feel is hilarious and/or oozing awesomesauce?

Put it in the Recommended Reading Folder!
(Not your own, obviously.)

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Everyone wants jackets. I just want Aku to wear me as a part of his group. Because having people wear you is cool :pinkiecrazy:

Wear me, Aku. Wear me so hard.

347640 The drummers were too busy trying to make sure they didn't blink.

I do hope the delivery on the drums shall be more timely than that of the jacket.

I have joined.

Where are these drums you have promised? I was expecting the sound of drums to my entrance! Don't you know who I am? I AM ALL YOU HOLD DEAR!! WHERE ARE MY DRUMS!?!?

got jacket, smells like muffins:derpyderp2:
and mare sweat :lyragrin:
making memes that should be made :doctorshout:
yeah, this is happening :bulkyeah:

I just joined if I don't get my jacket within 3 days I am going to make a smiley face on your neck with a serrated knife!

:ajbemused: I was promised a jacket.

Aku, I am dissapoint.:applejackunsure:

So can i get my jacket now?

345043 I'll take one of those thank you.

Soft shell jackets! Woo

I brought my latex jacket.

I, for one, am unsatisfied with these jackets. They are cheaply made and poorly sewn, did you let Sweetie Belle near the thread again?

So, what's this about jackets? :moustache:

Something something jacket.

Joined group = Get jacket. Right? So, I would like a nice leather jacket with Derpy Hooves' face on the back. Please don't disappoint.

Where is my jacket?

I most disappointed in my continued lack of a jacket.

  • Viewing 10 - 29 of 29
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