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Does the stories need to be about muffins? I got a muffin story! Its blueberry and the story goes banana nuts!

Adventure Muffin

should be back shortly


proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


I mostly joined because the group name is my favorite treat.:twilightsmile:

However, I would like to post a story here.

I found it a little hard to believe my fic got in this group.

What a wonderful idea for a group. I wish I found it sooner.

Thanks for setting this group up!:twilightsmile: I submitted 'Piracy', a story about Pinkamena that's actually canon compatible, taking place during the second season.

Very cool group, love the way the information's set out :pinkiehappy:

YAY! I joined:rainbowwild:

Hi I have a group called MyLittlePonyForever. I would please like it if you joined my group

Hello everypony. One of my dear friends created a club called MyLittlePonyForever. Please feel free to check it out.:twilightsmile:

Classy gang. Don't mind if I do.

Could somebody please help! I know this a little unrelated to this group, but I would like to know if submitted my story correctly. I hit "publish" then "Submit" then "Submit Story"
Do I need to do any thing else? Or is that it?

Wow I love the layout here.

360401 Heh house internet sucks...we all have it sometimes....

The group description looks cool and all, but it takes too long to load on my very slow internet connection. :ajsleepy: Either that, or it doesn't load at all.

Can we, um, stick with plain text? Or use small pictures (like each segment = 1 picture) instead of one big thing?

359225 "A changeling's Soul Reflection" I've recently started revising it and i have re-written the first chapter. I need help with grammar and stuff.

359481 They accept the story even if its not finish yet.

  • Viewing 66 - 85 of 85
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