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Rain Firis

Fate fell short

OC trash

Drawn by yours truly. Representation of my character in that one shitty fanfic I wrote about Discord.

"I will burn everything you love."
[swears internally]
"Chek urself b4 you rek urslf m8."

We are many, we are one.

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HoofSounds - Listen to pony radio stations on browser for google chrome. · 12:45am Sep 8th, 2013

So, I found this thing to add to your browser if you're a google chrome user, it lets you listen to music that's directed toward the fanbase. (most of the time.) Here's the link; HoofSounds
These are some of the stations:

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Gifs I am somewhat fond of





6th to10th Favourite stories

  • I Have No Voice, and I Must Cry Being a god's friend comes with certain benefits. Being a god's only friend comes with massive cost. by BBJBS 2,300 words · 3,573 views · 165 likes · 3 dislikes
  • The Janitor Hey there. Name's Discord. I'm the janitor at a high school. I clean up after bratty teenagers and the odd drama queen or two that turns into a demon and wrecks up the school. Ain't my job grand? by RainbowBob 8,345 words · 9,766 views · 1,354 likes · 39 dislikes
  • Discord joins the Justice League Discord leaves Equetria and has discovered the Justice League. He now wants to join them by Dark Half-Brony 5,211 words · 3,393 views · 202 likes · 12 dislikes

Other favourites (not really in order)

  • Me and My Lord of Chaos Discord escapes his fate by shifting dimensions and ends up on earth in a human's house. by Abryssle 43,603 words · 2,024 views · 93 likes · 6 dislikes
  • I.D. - That Indestructible Something Gregoria Samson awakens transformed into an Equestrian pony - yet no other human being can perceive her new body in any way. What is the incredible, monumental truth behind her impossible change? by Chatoyance 97,474 words · 6,216 views · 459 likes · 182 dislikes
  • Through Feline Eyes The world created by Rust and expanded by Blackwing, but with a more feline view. by Fordregha 112,231 words · 4,485 views · 390 likes · 34 dislikes
  • Whipstitch Whipstitch, an eccentric seamstress, meets a lonesome draconequus, and insists on learning how to manipulate chaotic magic. However, Whipstitch is hiding secrets, and it will be up to her friends to help her through the rough times. by Pennington Inkwell 46,853 words · 948 views · 68 likes · 0 dislikes

Welcome to my page

I like dark, gore, and war, if you have a amazing story don't hesitate to share it with me. If Discord plays a big part in it I'll read it immediately, he is best character after all.

Bare bones, bare bones
Fickle fickle precious stones
Paralyzed or sterilized
Reach deep into the dragon's eyes
Strife and trouble, bare bones bubble
Take the crown and crop the rubble
Til rosy red lays o'er the grey,
And we await the dawn's new day.

Big mlp fanatic (although I've calmed down in the past four years), and a huge gamer. Always looking for more anime.

I live in California, San Diego and have been a brony for five years now.

~MeMe DrEaM~

Top 5 Favorites

  • A Puppet To Her Fame My unicorn parents called me a worthless mud pony. They pushed me every day to overcome my lowly status. When I woke up one morning with my cutie mark, I thought they would love me. I couldn't have been farther from the truth. by Kaidan 29,713 words · 16,097 views · 1,496 likes · 62 dislikes
  • The Keepers of Discord Being a statue can drive you mad, yes? by Hoopy McGee 11,445 words · 43,360 views · 5,601 likes · 80 dislikes
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Read my Chaos, Fire and a Pinch of Romance! #Discord #Gore #Fluttershy!

And I think you may like my other story, TiCK ToCK!

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the follow! Though I'm curious as why you would do so.

Thanks for the follow :moustache:

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