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A young woman awakens transformed into an Equestrian pony - yet no other human being can perceive her new body in any way whatsoever. With clumsy hooves, but a bright mind, Gregoria Samson must trust in herself to discover the incredible, monumental truth behind her impossible change.

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Oh this is going to be weird... I'm wondering how she's going to get dressed, or whether anyone's going to notice... :pinkiecrazy:

Gr...Gregoria Samson...

Oh I see what you did there

YEah, I'm reading this

Faved your own fic? XD lawl, I gave this a fave and upvote! It's not bad :pinkiehappy:

I favorited the second I noticed it in my notifications, anything written by Chatoyance is absolutely worth reading. :yay:

An interesting start, definitely looking forward to more

Where are you going with this? WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?

Seriously, though, I look forward to more.

I'm afraid I don't... Enlighten me? :twilightblush:


It's a similar name to the character in Kafka's Metamorphosis. It's a weird and really sad little book about a Russian guy who wakes up one day and has inexplicably become a huge bug thing

And Chat does it again, can’t wait to see what happens next!

Huzzah! More of your delightful writing! The dreariness of my day was just lifted a bit.

2156666 2156854 I don't see the reference either, is it to one of her other works, or to something in wider literature?

2156916 I'm assuming from the name that it's too Kafka's Metamorphoses. It's a little Russian novel thingie about a man named Gregor who wakes up one morning as a ginormous bug

Interesting. Would I be right in guessing that the "Paradise" shared universe (collected here, and that particular page is work-safe but no promises about the rest of the site) was one of your influences?

2156919 Ah, Gregor Samsa, the unfortunate soul of Franz Kafka's work, now I get the reference.

Teasing, after all, meant affection, deep down.

Clearly you've never been to Quebec.

Going out for pancakes? What's the point, the ones you make at home are always better than the stuff at restaurants.


Well, this is pretty much how a psychotic break can go down. "Why is everyone else acting so strangely?"

Even mentally healthy people can experience very mild, temporary psychosis throughout their lives, and to make matters worse, it's often associated with waking up from sleep. One time I woke up and for some reason I was convinced a friend owed me forty dollars. I never even questioned the notion until I was talking to him and I heard myself ask about it. That clicked my brain back into place, like wait a minute, I can't recall having ever loaned him money. Only time that's ever happened, but man, it was weird.

"A Chatoyance fic, huh? I've been meaning to read one of these through. See what all the fuss is about. Well, here it goes."

Some minutes later

I liked it.

The Kafka reference was a little heavy, but appreciated. Come to think of it, the sequence where Gorilla examines herself is reminiscent of The Metamorphosis, in a good way. The duality of the protagonist's perception of herself and the rest of the world's perception is promising, and the alterations from the transformation are obviously more than physical, something that many trans-species stories overlook. Including mine, come to think of it. Huh.

If anything bothered me, it's the opening sequence, but that's more because I'm concerned that this plot point may go unnoticed for a while and I'll forget about it or something. Depending on how the next chapter or two goes along, that could be a non-issue.

Overall, you've made a good first real impression on me. I'm faving this story, and will check out your other stuff soon.

Huh. I get the feeling that the very rich man saw a cockroach in a suit. Why he was able to, now that is the question...

In any case, this promises to be well and truly awesome. I look forward to more.

Comment posted by Steben deleted Feb 21st, 2013

Yes, among others. I just added the Acknowledgements page. I had it originally, but I couldn't get the thing to pass moderation because of it. It was considered to be a 'chapter', and they wanted me to stick it in the 'author's comments' area, which... would just be impossible. So I removed it, temporarily, and it passed moderation. Sigh.

Now, it's back! Huzzah!

During the time I was away from Fimfiction because of the Anti-TCB attacks (death threats, server attacks, email-bombing and more), I found several sites such as the Transformation Stories Archive, Shifti, and more. These brilliant writers definitely inspired me. I highly, highly recommend visiting these sites, listed in my Acknowledgments, by the way. Wonderful stuff.

WOW. THE BLIND PIG! I haven't heard of them in AGES! :pinkiegasp:

Let us see where you shall go....:twilightsmile:


Ahh the TSA... Posti and the others will be delighted to hear they have inspired - I shall point them in this direction. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by CDR deleted Feb 21st, 2013


We Are All Blind

Naw I'm just messin with ya, but seriuosly, that is a scary ass coincidence.
Ima have fun reading yours.

Wow, i had forgotten about Paradise.

Protip: If you fave your own fic, it makes it available to others even before it is accepted by moderation. They have to go to your favorites collection to find it, but it is much easier than using a password if you want it available to show it to someone before it is published. This is a fantastic quick-and-dirty shortcut for when you want to have someone look over your work and provide opinions about what it needs before you release it.

Note that chapters have to be 'published' to be seen, but otherwise it works very well.

I will check out your story!

Wouldnt happen to be august 17th hmm? I kid, but i cant believe you wrote this before me! Ive been planning this for a while.

Well, this looks interesting enough.
I really wonder how this will continue, not so much for her physical transformation but for the change inside.
Even if she doesn't "suffer" from transformation euphoria (because there was no Potion), a pony will be hard pressed to keep her cool in human society. Will she adapt and become "human" again or will she break to stay "pony"?
And Kafka as a man with a pony heart? No wonder his life got wrecked. But who is the mystery man?
TSA? Yes, they have the good stuff.

Oh man, this is going to be interesting. There's almost kind of a "Calvin & Hobbes" thing going on with Georgia's appearance. I wonder which eye level everyone is going to be looking at once she starts walking, or if they'll see her eating grass or being able to smell something she shouldn't and that'll start raising suspicions. ...Or if she'll be sought out by other Secret Ponies.

I dearly hope Canterlot wasn't the inspiration for Kafka's "The Castle," though. ...But I bet a ponified version of that could be awesome.

Also big ups for Nick Bostrom and Ludwig Boltzmann being influences - I can't wait to see where their fingerprints turn up.

And of course I can't resist posting possibly the best Onion video ever:

I remember the transformation archive. I used to read a few stories almost a decade ago or more from that site. I think it was linked from another site with the name Mia? I can't remember.:ajsleepy:

I can relate about pony dreams and trying to remember them. One I had a while ago had Luna in it and for some reason was trying to give me some silver bracelet thing. This was before the sleepless in ponyville episode. I've had a few others but it has been awhile.
I like the different direction you are going in this story. I am interested to see what happens next.

Wow, yeah. It would be pretty terrible. I would never get over the loss of hands!
(I'm an artist soo... SHUDDER*)

Wait, pork chops? Oh, this may just end in complete disaster. Or we discover that it's only her outward appearance that's changed and her digestive system is still perfectly capable of processing the large amount of meat in the regular human diet.

I have to be honest, this idea is something I haven't seen before. I am intrigued.

Some real body-horror stuff going on, and well done it is too. Pleasantly unpleasant, I'd say.


Fav'd and liked. This is interesting.

Added to my favorites list, since I pretty much don't use the read later thing :derpytongue2:

Will get to this as soon as I am able. The premise holds an interesting promise.

Wow... That just about one of the only ways waking up as a pony might turn bad. Still though, super sniffer! :pinkiehappy:

"Pork chops (...)" And then there was dread..

HA! I knew the Paradise universe was an inspriation from the moment I read the description! On a random note, I've been meaning to invite you to the Pony Earth verse since you have such a distinctive writing style and I like to see juxtaposition.


Ah, yes, the Mia Story Archive... good times!

Holy woah, so many old archives that I know of. Heh, wow, i never thought i'd hear of any of these again.

Mia Story Archive? I don't know of this one. Is it transformation fiction? If so, may I have a link?


It's transformation, amongst other things. It's rather a dead place, last update was in 2003... but it's still good, and still hosts a lot of works.

here you go! http://furry.de/miavir/stories/index.html


Thank you noble cause. Yeah I read a few stories on that site

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