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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.


Humanity send in a mechanical beast to explore a new world they just recently discovered; however, this world wasn’t uninhabited. Now the machine documents everything these unusual, yet intriguing creatures have to show…but will the creatures the machine discovered be welcoming to its creators, or not? Only time, and the future will tell.

Small Update: considering there are going to be more than one robot than I planned to be using for the story, I decided to change the title. credit for the new title is thanks to a fic-reader by the name of, RanBro.

Update 11/08/2020 - okay so....I'm at a lost for how to take this fic further, at the moment! so for the time being, I'm deciding to label this fic as Complete, but will make a sequel that will continue the story.

-now this fic just popped into my head and i couldn't get it out of my head, so i could focus on my other fics. not sure if this is going to be a frequently updated story, as it was spur of the moment that i just had to write down.

-the official size prompt is this. When compared to Ponies.
Adult Pony: 4 - 4.5ft. tall.
Foals: 2 - 3ft. tall.
Luna & Cadence: 5 - 5.5ft.
Celestia: 6ft.

-R.O.V.E.R (is basically twice the size of an African male lion.)
Height: 14.4ft. (head to feet)/Length: 21.5ft. (head to tip of tail)/Weight: 1505lbs.

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Comment posted by OverLordDollar deleted Sep 12th, 2020

Could lead to something interesting

Looks interesting, let’s see where this goes.

I like the robot design by the way.

Robot design is very nice. From the prologue this looks to be a really interesting fanfic. Definitely satisfies someone's inner sci-fi nerd.

drew the picture after i wrote down the prologue, before posting it.

thanks. i don't draw machines often cause i don't think i do good work. but, thanks for the complement.:twilightsmile:

i like both the story and the robo doggo i want to see more.

Hurry with next chapter please!

I’m writing to you because I felt, something, I don’t know what it is. But I do know it’s something unusual. So far, I only know that the disturbance came from the Everfree Forest, near or around both mine and Luna’s old castle.

It doesn't make sense, especially with that pointed accurate location

Crystal Empire I get, it's big, a lot of magic, Sombra, etc

But for Everfree it doesn't make sense because :
-the portal was small and quick closed
-Everfree would mask that because of how chaotic it is and would also disturb the magic
-magic wasn't used

AH! but this was not magic, it was pure, SCIENCE! the portal acts as one of those giant drills that slowly punches a hole in the very fabric of space, remember it caused the air and ground to literally vibrate before it opened all the way. for this story, only beings of Celestia's power level could feel this disturbance, and since she knows hardly anything can make a gaping hole in the very fabric of space, she's worried that something evil might be afoot!

Really like the story and you don't see many like this so immediate track.
PS: really love your ROVER design, and the drawing is pretty good

thanks. you know, it's funny. both the fic and drawing were spur of the moments or sudden ideas that i just put to paper and text....and yet this fic seems to be doing really well!

Still, Everfree nature should have masked it

Also, if Discord is reformed then it also adds to that it doesn't make sense.

She shouldn't be able to tell that this isn't Discord when he is teleporting and going to his chaos dimension.

So she would mistake the human portal for Discord or Everfree being Everfree

It is, one thing I can see that really maked it is the fact humans came in with their own Stargate thing, dropped off a robot nobody has seen before, and so far on robot/human side its very realistic, you don't see many good Robot in ponyland stories

hhmmmmmm. this is true.....honestly i can't even name 1 fic that features a good machine in ponyland. but still, the fact that this fic which was not even planned, and was created out of a simple idea of a robot cat.....makes me feel good yet confused,

And that's fine, also have fun making more of this lol

Ah I hate cliffhangers! Seriously this is great, the only bad thing about it was that it was to short for my liking, where is the rest of it dammit! :twilightangry2:

10433893 I secon this.

Cutie Mark Crusaiders alien machin tamers,YAY!!!

don't worry. now that ponies are in i'll be adding dialog, as R.O.V.E.R can't talk and has limited emote capabilities. so from this point on, R.O.V.E.R will have a little section, and the rest will be about the ponies reacting and pretty much marveling at the robot.

To be honest, I feel like ROVER would have a small speaker or something, atleast for field operatives that work with ROVER and other, but this is just my brain talking because this is one of the most realistic robots you will find on here.
PS: loved chapter and I highly look forward to more from ya bud.

That's the combat scout version, they only crack that bad boy out when they send the troopers to go in.

It's Ravage from Transformers 2 movie
Maybe he would fit as an armed version designed to assist, escort R. O. V. E. R in a dangerous environment?

One unit for combat and one for scouting and research will make it so they will be able to focus on their tasks better

Lovely progress with first chapter. Nothing like good old superior human technology.

Here's one, if you're interested, though it's a tad on the dark side regardless
Here's another

now for some friendly spellchecking feel free to ignore sorry

Rodger!” the other three members

Typically this'd be "Roger" but hey it's your civ spell it how you want

was the only the fourth world

Extra "the"

emerges from the decrypted structure


The machine then grabbed it’s two storage capsules

"it's" is a contraction of "It is", so use "its" instead

with its tail

Yes, like that!

took them to a quaeritated area for study


wither it was work related


And for one particular group of mares, they were all trying to wind down from quite the adventure they just had in the north. As it was quite the harrowing and yet thrilling escapade.

This should be one sentence

a book on color theory when applied to magic

This is just me, but "a book on magical applications of color theory" might flow better

however I urge you to go looking into this matter, until I know what it is.

According to later context, she's urging Twilight not to look into it. Also, not capitalized at the beginning of the sentence

There's other stuff but for the most part it's fine so far

however I urge you to go looking into this matter until I know what it is. Hope to see you again my student. Your mentor, and friend ~ Celestia.

doesn't she mean to not go looking into it until she knows what it is

“It sounds like something bad might be ahoof.” Twilight says as she rolls the scroll up. “But she want’s us to stay out of this until figures out what this unknown danger is.”

nice one

ROVER could 'blink' its eye on and off to use Morse Code albeit slowly. ROVER is quadrupedal, thus it could use body language and emulate pony gestures.

ROVER - aka AMEE from Red Planet, but with a tail... BEAT U 2 IT:

Actually reminds me of this story
But yours has more immediate connection to the humans

Looking forward to how this progresses

The idea for this story is great, but I'm noticing some spelling errors and so on, hopefully any previous chapters getting checked for mistakes, but I'm enjoying reading this story, grand job!

And the robo-dog meets the CMC... well this is going to get interesting.

This story has some potential...keep it up!

the eye only blinks when R.O.V.E.R takes a picture. and even though its animal in design, it has VERY limited interaction software whether it be with animals or humans. but R.O.V.E.R can be manually controlled by Home Base, so they can mimic body languge.

i already have idea for a combat robot for the story. plus.....i don't like those Movie transformers designs, they look like their trying way to hard to look badass.

well R.O.V.E.R is primarily a first unit exploration robot. the humans send it into new worlds they discover, and have it scout the world, and record what it sees and experiences. once its Scouting period is over, it gets sent back to Earth--turned off of course--then the science department and research operatives are brought in. and for this story (in't is universe) humanity hasn't planned to actually meet other life forms like them, so they didn't think a speaker would be appropriate for the design.

i appreciate any tips or point out if i spelled something wrong. it helps me improve my writing.

sorry, i try to catch any spelling or grammar errors. but i appreciate it if you find them and point them out so i could fix them, if i over look them.

I have two problems, how can i up vote it more than once, and need more :flutterrage: :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait for more updates! :twilightsmile:

No me gusta pero tampoco me desagrada, esperare un poco para ver como evoluciona.

No prob, I might reread to check any mistakes for ya

Twilight should know better then to go into the everfree forest alone. :facehoof:

Story sounds good so far. 👍

Even if this was not a planned out story, it has high potential. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how this will all play out.

Well this story has got me interested. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome story so far!

One question though, how tall is ROVER in terms of feet/meters? I’m having trouble imagining how big he is compared to the ponies...

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