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I'm the creator of Otakuworld.com, Jenniverse.com, the computer game Boppin', numerous online comics, novels, and tons of other wonderful things. I really love MLP:FiM.


At the heart of every Conversion Bureau is 'potion', the nanotechnomagical serum that converts a human into an Equestrian. But before the Bureaus could exist, the serum had to be created first. This is the story of how the first successful conversion serum was developed, and of the humans and ponies that made it possible.

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:ajbemused: Really, I just start to write and you go write another fic... dang it, it's going to be good too... alright you win, who needs to progress when I can just read Chat's stories.

Haven't read it yet, but I love the artwork! Now the reads.

The history of the Ponification Serum?
Certainly interesting.

And I see you've returned to the TCB universe, Chat. And here I'd thought you'd gone and put it to rest. Not saying you should, just that's what I thought.

What secrets did Doctor Pastern hide in her journal?

(That is Doctor Pastern's journal, right? Or do we have someone else who made the potion?)

Well, based on what little we already know, it's not an entirely pleasant story...
And the interactive Dashie they added to FiMFic is standing here criticizing my post.

What a cool idea, can't wait to see where it goes. I especially like seeing Luna have a project and the possibility of some friction with her sister. The more books she saves, the better, I say, since there's already a precendent for bumping into other universes floating in the Bulk, and next time the Xeelee or late-stage CelestAI or something equally formidible could be lurking on the other side.
That's Dr. Pastern in the photo, isn't it?

Quick little item, though: shouldn't the acronym be "LAASTT" instead of "LASSTT"?

(BTW really glad you're back writing, you know, in general)

Of course it's not pleasant. That's why it'll be awesome. Dark and dirty secrets always make for the most enthralling stories.
As I was coming to the end of the chapter, RD said ""I love you daddy"? Who writes this stuff?" or words to that effect. I snorted.
And just now, "I'd rather read Daring Do" - Rainbow Dash confirmed for shit taste in fanfiction, worst pone


I had the choice of reading this or editing chapter 10 of MT. I was very tempted to read this first and leave the editing 'till the morning.


I already read it - and I won't deny anyone the pleasure of reading one of Chat's stories before going on to more mundane things such as editing anyone else's!


I look forward to eventually reading this, once I get through everything else btw.

Interesting cover image. Needs to be more magicy looking though :pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:


Eh, I decided to get the editing out of the way and then treat myself to Chat's work afterwards. (Originally I was supposed to go sleep seeing as it's 2am... But new story...)

Ahem, the appropriate answer to seeing this in my alerts today would be, ".....yay....." :yay:


Your dedication does you credit, sir! Happy reading, and happy dreams.

Interesting.....perhaps the first chapters will be about how Version One made anyone who took it female; that'll be something light to smile at before Code Majeste is referenced.

They're censoring every book that mentions that humans could be evil?:twilightoops:

But sometimes it's fun to be scared!:pinkiecrazy:

I agree with 1866171, that wittle sweet nanobot needs an aura of neon glowing magic. Or maybe a few bolts of energy?
And I can't wait for all the gruesome stories. The glimpses we got from Dr Pastern's memories were most promising. :pinkiecrazy:
Also: "63"? I see what you did there.
1866455: That was already mentioned in another story by Chatoyance, "27 Ounces" if I'm not mistaken.

The Chatoyance has written another Conversion Bureau story? *Cursor hovers over fave button instead of read later*
Don't make me regret this. *Clicks on fave*
Best of luck to you Chat'. Good on you for not letting the haters get you down permanently. If you need moral support...

So you're back to writing regularly ? I'm OK with this !

oooh... ooooooh! *happy squeal of glee!*

THIS is going to be fascinating, I just know it!

I think, while it would certainly be tempting for the pony victors (by whom history will be written) to whitewash humanity's checkered past, it still involves a degree of personal judgement in deciding what gets the wide black Sharpie. I'd like to think that ponies, while still given to something of a herd mentality, are not terribly superstitious. This includes believing what the princesses tell them: properly-converted humans are no danger to anyone. Ponies here would actually have a ridiculously rare opportunity to learn from a shared past they themselves did not have to endure. "Everything is an opportunity" and all that. The lay-up stuff like nuclear weapons is one thing, but will Mark Twain's stories still contain their controversial words in Equestria? It's a slippery slope just begging for an entire culture to sliiide on down it.

Trying to control information? That's something a human would do.

um imagine i'm putting on sunglasses right now

All of these apocalyptic visions, this frothy drink of self-definition and exploration, this drama of stars and hearts -- this ultimately arrives at teenage sexual misadventures.

(If you don't know what I mean, read some of the other CB stories featuring "r63". Start with Midnight Shadow's. You'll understand.)

I'm very glad to see you continue writing Conversion Bureau stories. You seem to be one of the few people able to write them without rendering one side or the other into two-dimensional demonizations. I also love the voice employed here. Very lyrical. Definitely looking forward to more.

>r63 potion story

All the reading.

You are of course right with that argument of a wasted learning opportunity.
On the other hand, all those newfoals and their descendants will have to life with the stigma of being ex-humans in any case. If that can be mitigated by a ban and whitewash of unwanted and "negative" information, well, I'm hard-pressed for an answer.


I do love me some Mark Twain.

This is an interesting premise. I'm looking forward to this. Oh my, all the things that could be done with that book... for some reason I'm consumed with the idea of deliberately leaking its existence to the PER, and watching them utterly flip out trying to get their hooves on it. Reckless, stupid, and liable to get you killed? Sure, but more importantly: FUN!

This is like a cross between the Borg and the Endromeda Strain...BRRRR:derpyderp1::twilightoops:

I approve of the sentiment behind this comment.


Negative and unwanted according to who? My whole point in that post was that someone has to make that call, and that's what makes the whole process subjective. Most of us would say that the princesses are the wisest ponies, but in being so, they of all people should be aware of the dangers of selective memory. That's especially true for the long term, which they're better positioned to consider than any other characters.


Zealotry ain't nothin' to mess with.

Let's say Gwen, as a character, was PER-sympathetic. Not a card-carrying member, just... appreciative of what they're trying to do. Let's say she decides to leak the book's existence, just a gentle nudge to get a ball rolling which may or may not result in lower-atmosphere aerosol bombs of Potion over large population centers. To act on this, the PER would have to coordinate, which means sharing the information internally, which means secondary leaks. Suddenly Pandora's box is open, and the book is now the target of everyone: PER, HLF, the princesses (again, information control), profiteers, races without a Potion of their own... it would be catastrophic.

I suppose you could write PER's information security as air-tight, but that's boring and probably unrealistic. I always envisioned the HLF and PER as more slapdash ways to align your ideology than a pair of ultra-sophisticated monoliths with world-class resources at their disposal. If you and some friends somewhere want to remove the choice of conversion and have some spare gumption, just make up some either green or purple arm-bands and boom, you're a new chapter of whatever faction you're fighting for. Once on the grapevine, whatever you learn about is yours to act on as you see fit. I think it's doubtful that either the PER or the HLF would be completely without double agents, to that end.

So, I notice that somebody's starting with the oldest comments and going down, voting each of them down. I'd like to point out that a) it's a waste of time because it doesn't actually accomplish anything and b) ha ha loser we're having fun and you can't stop us phbbbbbbthbbtbtbt~! :heart:

I can tell already: I'm going to enjoy the muffin out of this story.


Those with talent and imagination write and draw, and/or encourage others to write and draw.

Those without either talent or imagination, who also become jealous and bitter, make a tiny, petty life out of clicking on little thumbs-down hands.

Personally, I think they would be better off masturbating where we can't see. Just my two cents.


You misunderstand me; the resultant frantic shitstorm that would come about is exactly what I'd be counting on. I wouldn't give the book to the PER; I'd let them know about it discreetly, then let them go absolutely berserk TRYING to get it. Pretty much just for laughs. I wouldn't have any intention of letting them succeed. Truthfully, I'd probably try to bait them in as much as possible, then destroy the book to prevent its capture. I don't imagine I would survive this process - but man, what a way to go, yeah!? It's like a massive middle finger to EVERY power base in the setting. Not very healthy, but damn amusing.

I did say PER specifically because I admit that I don't consider them nearly as dangerous as the human factions in this particular setting - plus, I think it'd be infinitely more amusing to tweak their noses than anyone else's. You raise a good point about it very quickly getting out to everybody, though. That'd get ugly right quick, and wars are no fun.

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Books were survivors. Oh, like any species, individuals would be lost to the predations of time and mold and carelessness and outright uncaring - not to mention the occasional burning...

Obvious Fahrenheit 451 reference is obvious. :trollestia:

On a side note: You're doing fantastic as always, Chatoyance.

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oh god why...

You idiotic misanthropic waste of oxygen, i have continued to look upon your works and I despair, i ask whatever powers may be within our cosmos "How can such a misanthropic, miserable, waste of flesh and blood come into existence."

I receive no answer, so apparently god is either non existent or particularly busy at this moment.

Speaking of god, He was probably distracted on the day of your conception when, on your way to the womb from wherever baby souls reside before they are born, you hit your dumb fucking spiritual skull on every fucking branch of the "Raging Stupidity" tree.

Your stories disgust and enrage me and your existence screams of pathetic inadequacy,

You are the Single most misanthropic, moronic example of a human i have ever seen.

May god have mercy on your soul, and may the trolls verbally tear your over inflated sense of self importance to shreds.

'S just a story, dude. I don't subscribe to this view of modern society or Homo sapiens either (hell, people have been nothing but crazy awesome to me and technology has only improved my life), but why read or watch anything ever, if not to try on someone else's mind, and besides, who cares, as long is it's interesting? Ultimately that's a story's only obligation, to be interesting.

In terms of comisseration, I will offer that I wish Chatoyance wrote ponies with their own specific (not deal-breaking but still absurd) self-destructive idiosyncracies and quirks, which I think would lend them an added layer of verisimilitude, but sheeeit, I ain't the President of her.

In short, dude, the real universe doesn't need your help promoting technological civilization: It's still brand new and damned if it isn't working better than the alternatives. It's already one of Nature's more interesting and successful experiments, but if we take its own spirit to heart, its capacity for (self) destruction needs to be reenforced in its position in the zeitgeist.

Evidently, God was distracted on the day of your conception as well.

Good to see you writing again Chat! (I haven't gotten to your other recent entry, as I haven't read anything from the optimalverse yet).

Definitely adding this to the queue! Good to have you back, and don't let the whiners get you down. ^_-

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