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Horrifically Fun


Debra Hart leads a rather plain life, discounting the disasters caused by her clumsiness on a daily basis. Luckily she meets a man who adds a bit of excitement to her life, though often in the form of other-worldly beings that want to kill them both.

Edited by Tired Old Man.

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Gonna be honest. Not really feeling this one. Your Doctor/Derpy stuff honestly isn't among your best work. Or maybe it's just me, I dunno.

Tracking for now, just for the hell of it, but this didn't grab me the way your stuff usually does.


The Doctor and Derpy don't really lend themselves to the sheer insanity of the characters I usually write (with the possible exception of Dinky), which probably has a lot to do with that. Though, these two are/will be quite a bit more fleshed out then when they hit the pages of TW&TB.

For good or for ill, this is likely to be a different tone than my usual stuff, falling more in line with themes from Doctor Who and it's related series. I'm not going to be terribly surprised if it resonates most with Whoovians.

6818187 Wait this is gonna be your next long running story?

Excuse me for a second while I cheer and squeal for days.

I'm interested in seeing more of this. Tracking it to see future chapters!


Hahaha. Well, I haven't abandoned TW&TB or anything, though I still need to work through some other stuff before I can return to the main story there. But yes, this is likely to run for quite some time with what's in my head.

hmm... i've kept up with dan vs pinkie and sweetiemash. so i have high hopes. so far, great story intro. and plenty of potential. lol looking forward to more. oh dinky... xD

6818187 I can feel this resonating with my soul. Praise be to the 4243... wait... did you change your name? :rainbowhuh:


Hahaha, Glad you like it. :pinkiehappy: I switched the numbers up a few months back. :derpytongue2:


You really don't like using her fanon name, do you?

“Ooooooh! What does this button do?!”


Though, these two are/will be quite a bit more fleshed out then when they hit the pages of  TW&TB.

Does this mean that Debra's D.H.?


It's more I enjoy side-stepping that particular name as a nod to how it was used officially and then quickly became some sort of "Name we do not speak" amongst official merch,

It's worth noting that "Dearest Heart" isn't actually the character's real name. Just what the Doctor likes to call her.

And yes, the idea is this is D.H. long before the events in TW&TB.

LOL love the setup. very classic for Doctor who, and humorous . love it- can't wait for more.(interested in the name change)

Way to make a first impression, Debra.

Well, you've certainly got the franticness of Davies-era Doctor Who down.

6823873 Davies Era Doctor Who

I'm not familiar with all the different Doctors.

6824141 I'm referring to the period from 2005-2009 when Russ Davies was showrunner, the Ninth and Tenth Doctor eras. Otherwise known as the last time Doctor Who was genuinely good.


And yes, the idea is this is D.H. long before the events in TW&TB.

I find myself looking forward to seeing the chain of events that leads D.H. into the insanity that is Dan and Pinky. :derpytongue2:

6824192 Matt Smith was a spectacular Doctor. The problem was never him. It was Stephen Moffat. Moffat's writing, Moffat's vision of the series, and Moffat's "clever" ideas have ruined Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi, the current Doctor, is highly divisive. Many like him. Many don't. I haven't watched more than four episodes of his run, because between not caring for his portrayal, the terrible writing in series eight, and Moffat's absolute determination to ruin Doctor Who, it's simply ceased to be fun to watch.

Moffat and Capaldi are both leaving after series ten. When series eleven starts, with a new showrunner and a new Doctor, I'll probably give it a fresh look.

6824407 I mean writing that is terrible.

noun: writing

the activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text.
"parents want schools to concentrate on reading, writing, and arithmetic"
the activity or occupation of composing text for publication.
"she made a decent living from writing"
written work, especially with regard to its style or quality.
"the writing is straightforward and accessible"

adjective: terrible

extremely or distressingly bad or serious.
"a terrible crime"
synonyms: dreadful, awful, appalling, horrific, horrifying, horrible, horrendous, atrocious, abominable, deplorable, egregious, abhorrent, frightful, shocking, hideous, ghastly, grim, dire, unspeakable, gruesome, monstrous, sickening, heinous, vile; More
serious, grave, acute;
"a terrible crime"
severe, extreme, intense, acute, excruciating, agonizing, unbearable, intolerable, unendurable
"he was in terrible pain"
very bad, dreadful, awful, deplorable, atrocious, hopeless, worthless, useless, poor, pathetic, pitiful, lamentable, appalling, abysmal;
informallame, lousy, brutal, painful, crappy, godawful
"the movie was terrible"
antonyms: minor, negligible, slight, brilliant, excellent
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used to emphasize the extent of something unpleasant or bad.
"what a terrible mess"

6824449 Oh! I get what you mean. I heard from my psychiatrist that the last episode was absolute trash.

Something about the Doctor literally punching a diamond wall for 2 million years to get ot.


….Just how many kids do they HAVE?!
I recognize Dinky and Amethyst Star, but who are the other two or three or more?

A little skill that they evolved when the Tamaraneans of Tamaran almost hunted them to extinction on their home planet.  

Was this before Starfire's time?


Haha! :rainbowlaugh: I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that. :rainbowwild:

lol see im not the only one to pick up on starfires home planet life forms. god company here. also, loved this chapter, very entertaining.


Damn, they need Starfire!

So, something brought them here?...Debra, what did you do?

Debra channelled her inner Dan before even meeting him


Again, how many kids do they have?! And is pony Amethyst Star daughter or cousin?

Also, this is very cute and sweet.

6857604 Derpy and the Doctor currently have 4 kids, all girls (poor Doctor). Amethyst Star is a cousin of Derps (she looked to be about the same age). Glad you're enjoying this. :pinkiehappy:

finally! more than me commenting! oo! loving thsi story. lol very entertaining shenanigans


6858216 Four? So that's Dinky, Dreamy, and…uh…who else?


In order of oldest to youngest: Dinky, Chirpy, Dreamy, and Dipsy

Masterfully done! I'm going to have to go to the other version to see where the lyrics were because I couldn't really tell where they would fit in

The Doctor extended his hand. “Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m the Doctor.”

Amy took the Doctor’s hand and gave it a shake. “I’m terrified for my life, but you can call me ‘Amy’.”

“Amy!” The Doctor said excitedly. “I like that name!”

Very clever you raggedy man!


It's actually nice to know this works without the song. I mean, I do like doing music when it strikes me, but I know it isn't everyone's thing.

6858659 Where'd you get the other three?

And is the Amy in this story the same as the one in Dan?


The fandom has picked out a few fillies that look like Derpy, I think the link here explains where they all came from.

Also, I don't remember an Amy from TW&TB or Take a Slice out of Life, but I do know Amy hasn't shown up and either.

6863286 Hmm. It's been a while since I've read Wheel and The Pie.

I was thinking of the Anger Management Conselor Gibson used to hit on.

I feel bad. Her personality was forgotten for a boy who craves the younger female race's attention.

Debra going full analysis on the TARDIS up to the correct naming must have made the Doctor's Century


Ahhh, that character's name is "Amber." I think she'd be slightly more interested in the weird stuff the Doctor gets into, though with her anger management issues, I doubt she'd be a great companion. :derpytongue2:

6868748 I don't know... Some companions wre awfully screamy.

Of course they tended to be in one episode so...

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