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Queer, isn't it? How life works. Every life has its own twists and turns, and to know where each twist and each turn that goes wrong is my specialty, for I'm the pony that is always there to make it right.

You might know me as the Doctor, what with my TARDIS and gizmos to make everything perfect and shipshape, all-the-round great! You have a problem, and I'll fix it. Easy as it is!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and as each day passes, that fearful hour approaches closer and closer, where I have to play the part of letting go. And I don't want it to happen.

Even if I have no idea what am I letting go of.

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This is so intriguing I can't wait for the next update.

this is pretty good. I can't wait for an update. great job!

So... the doctor will be loosing his memories... will his regeneration bring them back?

Well, this entire thing is gonna be fascinating.

you have got my interest. cant wait for the next update

Emotive, dear author; One hell of ride. Well done. Awaiting update

A very interesting and slightly more linear chapter. I just wish I could stop noticing the minor grammar issues. I get the feeling that (Author) may get swept into the story at points? Either way, an ingenious story.

I patiently wait for more of the Doctor and his descent into.. This disease! I like it, I've never been good at explaining why I like things but I like this story, been here since Chapter one. Huzzah! Can't wait for the next chapter. Well, I can. Patience is a virtue! Good luck, and tata.

From your Fan,

keep up the good work, cant wait for the next chapter!

brilliant! :pinkiehappy: cant wait for the next update

of course, who else but twilight? :twilightsmile: anyways, great chapter as alwas, cant wait for the next one :pinkiehappy:

This is fascinating!

Shiz is getting dark all of a sudden, I can't wait to see what happens next!

I wonder if that last line somehow backfired on him, affecting Turner instead.

Also, I wonder what sort of heinous crime he committed to have been sentenced by the Celestia herself. Could it be the destruction of an entire species? Maybe one that threatened Equestria? Because if you're basing Time Turner off of the 11 Doctors, genocide isn't exactly out of his decision making process.

brilliant, pleas do keep it up :twilightsmile:

fantastic , and one of the best gifts i could ever ask for christmas. :pinkiesmile: keep up the great work and have a happy new year ! :pinkiehappy:

"I trusted you... You! I TRUSTED YOU!!!"

First thing that came to mind. :pinkiesmile:

Of course the angels!! Oh my this has taken quite an intersting turn. Great stuff as always, keep it up!!!

Speak of the fucking devil! I literally checked this story like 20 minutes ago to see how you write dates and BOOM suddenly new chapter! Holy hell... This is ungody awesome by the way...

Glad you liked it!

Was it really much of a coincidence though? :ajsmug:

5591100 Considering we're dealing with all things timey-wimey I should not have been as surprised. :rainbowlaugh:

I hope you write more soon! This is so, so, so, so, so, so good!

Glad you loved it :pinkiehappy:

Next one will be coming really soon, so be on the lookout for it!

Ok, ok. That was good, but... yes, there's one big BUT. Doctor, and Time Lords in general, would NEVER go to any kind of doctor, human and pony alike. There were wars for drop of his blood!
Besides Time Lords have so alien biology (not only two hearts mind you) that non of modern pony doctors would be able to examine him. Hence, even his body temperature is lower than normal, and don't talk about his brain! Why do you think he needs so much blood and veins in his body?
This story is good but is far away from DW canin.

Comment posted by Drakkanien deleted Apr 24th, 2015

WoW! That was just poetic! This is one of the bets stories Ive ever read, and it's so good and you deserve so many more likes than this!

You have soo much talent!


Technically don't we all have that? I mean, we're constantly forgetting things. The only way we remember is by reinforcing in some way.

Please don't use the red caps words.

They scare me so much...


Whaaa? No comments?! Oh well, in any case impressive chapter, thats for sure. And oh boy only arc one? This is gonna be one helluva' story I can feel it!

Wow, what a ride. And that was only the first arc! Oh I can't wait to see more of this in the future.

Nice to see this back in my bookshelf.

Half of a year passed since my last comment, and I must say that your story still's good. Keep it up!

I am very hooked. From the first chapter it was very well done. I was not expecting what Time Turner was going to endure. And when I read the first paragraph of chapter two, well...

I'll keep reading. :heart:

Wowza, that was quick! Glad you caught up!

I'll be doing the same for Fundamentals once I finished this story's next chapter, which will be out soon-ish! Thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

8392645 I hope you don't mean I am finished with reading everything; I'm only on chapter 2.

I guess we are both here to help ourselves and others with their stories.

This is why I like fan fictions. They have their own original stories with whatever franchise they are writing about. And in this case, horses. It helps others see what a writer is capable of writing while being helped by a show or story.

I'd write more, but my class is about to start. :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, that's the one thing I think made me love writing fanfictions more than the everyday novel you'd find in a garage sale.

Still planning to branch out to those though. I love a good challenge every now and then. :raritywink:

Found this gem yesterday, read the whole thing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, personally I think it deserves more attention than what it has gotten so far.
Anyway keep up the good work buddy.

Glad you enjoyed it so much, you read it in one seating. :rainbowderp:

Updates usually come and go with me (note the release dates of chapters 27 and 28) but I'll be getting the next one out soon. Probably something more of a SoL vibe instead of the usual adventure mishmash, which is more or less up my alley, I think. I don't know, depends on how I'm feeling that day, I guess. :twilightsheepish:

Hmm reading this story up to this point I am likely deeply off base but somehow I suspect there is time lord involvement in the Doctor's situation behind the scenes more pointedly I suspect the master given the business with the cult and their device with the message only the doctor could have read but like I said I am grasping at straws.

Well, all I can say now is that you're not too far off. :raritywink:

No!! I caught up! :raritydespair: all well, adding this to my tracking list. :twilightsmile:

Currently glossing through the next chapter as I'm typing this as well. It'll be out soon-ish, probably by the end of the month or the beginning of September, depends.

Really glad to know that you've enjoyed it! Story's gonna go somewhere crazy in a bit, so I'm hoping you'll be there for the ride when it happens!

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