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Hi! Welcome to my page! If you're here for my stories, I hope you enjoy them! If you don't, please leave me a critique to help me improve!

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Chasing Paradox Pictures

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You've been offline for nearly a year now, but if you ever return, I want you to know that I always thought your writing was fantastic. I hope everything's going well for you, wherever you are.

Hello, there!

Is everything on you're end okay? The 18 of us miss you, whether or not we remember that we followed you.

May you not dream of today, but of tomorrow. Cheerio.

You're welcome :pinkiecrazy:

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Thank you so much! :yay:

I came here because of ThePartyCannon.

I'mma watch you too. I mean, not in a creepy way. It's just you're a good writer and stuff. :twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 1 - 8 of 8
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