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Season 7 · 5:34pm April 29th

Huh, I am really liking the season so far. Which is surprising really.
I guess the new writers are doing something good.

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Favorite ponies

1. Twilight
2. Luna
3. Celestia
4. Nightmare Moon
5. Fluttershy
6. Nurse Redheart
7. Cadance
8. Sunset Shimmer
9. Twilight Velvet
10. Chrysalis

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Thanks so much the watch. I appreciate it :twilightsheepish:

I forgot to thank you for the follow! :facehoof: But anyway, why did I deserved a follow?

*FOLLOWS BACK* yyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thx

stumbles across this page through the rap fic

stares at all the pages of thanks and such

"well this is quite a beautiful morgue"

Thank you for the follow!

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