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Though Equestria may seem a cheerful and happy place, it was not always so. This is a place for tales of the ponies who give of themselves so that others may enjoy the peace you know and hold dear.

A Joint Universe Project between the 24th Pegasus and Loyal Liar.

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Are these stories meant to be read in any particular order?


No worries, enjoy the stories!

Thank you for your response. I found that I already have a few stories from "The Song of Storms" series qued up to read later, and had no idea they were connected to others. I am pleasantly surprised.


For the "A Song of Storms" series "Of Skies Long Forgotten" is probably the best place to start, followed by "Snow and Shadows" and then "Summer Lands", then "Beginners Guide to Heroism"

"Wind and Stone", "Census" and "Shattered Skies" are all side-stories set during the events of "Of Skies Long Forgotten", and are probably best to read after that one

For the Where Loyalties Lie series, youd have to ask LoyalLiar

Hello. My name is Archer, and I am a fresh member of your group and to the workings of being a member in total. I came here due to one of your stories and am lost with questions.

What obligations do I have now that I am a member of your group, and where is an appropriate place to start reading into, “The Price of Loyalty” universe?

Only an order of months late, I remember to update the front page of the group with this:

TvTropes for A Song of Storms

TvTropes for Where Loyalties Lie

Thanks, Biodude!

Another wonderful banner done by the wonderful Ruirik. Make sure to let him know what an awesome job he did.

Hooray for the new level of publicity gained by 24th and, through him, by this group! Hope LL will be in a spotlight someday.

New Banner courtesy of the amazingly talented Ruirik. Go show your support.


I just opened up a new thread for questions like these. Feel free to address it there.

This question doesn't go with just one of the stories so I'll throw it up here. Where can I learn more about the magic system that is used in these stories? I always hated stories were earth ponies get beat by every unicorn. I know it is talked about some in the WLL but I would like to know more.

Well hello, all my our adoring fans, and welcome to "The Price of Loyalty". Here you will find easy access to LoyalLiar's works as well as my own, in addition to the forums where you can discuss the two. I would encourage you all to make use of them. Who knows, you might learn something you otherwise wouldn't have.

Also, make sure to spread the news. Find the tallest point in wherever it is that you live and shout to the world that LoyalLiar and The 24th Pegasus are doing this totally awesome tag-team thing and that they should all read our stories. Make sure you don't hurt yourself when you fall off Please exercise caution whenever you come back down.

That's it for now, so enjoy the stories!

Here we are: the 'big reveal'! As the result of a fair bit of behind-the-scenes work, 'The 24th Pegasus' and I have joined our stories into a single, collaborative universe, found here.

You'll see a lot more going on here soon, but for now, enjoy the stories!

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