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Stepping Away · 4:47am Aug 11th, 2016

I won't waste your time with drama. Right now, writing for FiMFiction isn't leaving me feeling fulfilled the way it used to. Real life, with my upcoming marriage and my job, are where I need to be spending my timeā€”and at the moment, where I want to be spending my time. If I start to feel the familiar itch of a story, I might come back. I make no promises.

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Just starting the Price of Loyalty series. Thanks for creating such a fabulous series of fanfiction!

Thanks for favoriting Kaleidoscope! :twilightsmile:

Didn't see until afterwards, but thanks! Great job!

Hi Loyal Liar! I'm running A/V on your panel!

Thanks for the fav on The Old Gray Mare! :twilightsmile:

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