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Not wanting to do Oneshotober? Still wanting to have an excuse to write? You are in the right spot!
Welcome! to 2014 NaNoWriMo!
The goal write a 50,000 word story by November 30th! You wanna start in October? Not gonna stop you! Goal here is good nice long fics which as authors we can be proud of!
Editors, Encouragers, etc also welcome!
Lets make great fiction and more then that. Let's all write something we are proud of!

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done and done, coming out December 13th for dramatic tension to build up and die once people read it.

Thirty thousand words in and I feel like I am about a quarter of the way done. It's fairly exhilarating. I should be done at this rate around Christmas eve.

Too late to start now.

Just submitted my first 3 chapters to the site. Super excited also super scared.

edit: should I submit my story to the group? Also if so how do I do that?

Oy vey... I've got an unreleased whopper right now (probably around 29K and counting), but I'm too busy playing TF2 to upload it.

Goddamn you, Gabe Newell!!!

381285 even if you can't make 50k this month the important part of nano is that you try is all.

Well I probably won't be able to get that written in time, sadly. 'Tis simply the life of a grad student. Thanks for clarifying that for me though! :scootangel:

381266Your suposed to write 50k during November so just add anther 50k to your story this month.

What if you've got an ongoing fic that's already over 50,000 words long? Also, does the fic have to be complete by the end of the month, or just at least 50,000 words? :twilightsmile:

Whell then. Writing a 50,000 word story in less than 28 days? challenge accepted, let's test my sanity :pinkiecrazy:

And my fears of this event come rushing back to me again. :C

Any one else want to post your progress?
I am close to 4800 and should hit it before the nights up.

Edit: Made it to 5051!

Is it too late to join? ;-; I've had an idea in my head for a while now.
I'm pretty sure I could finish by the end of November.

I'm going to try to do this again this year. Hopefully I'll make it this time, but school always finds a way to pile on the work this time of year. Wish me luck!

I will not be writing in the event, but if anyone needs a proofreader/editor/pre-reader. I will be happy to help.

375324 I'm probably insane, but still...:yay:

Can I do this as well as One-shotober?:twilightblush:

Oh I definitely agree.The end of November is just a suggestion. What is most important is well written long fics which we are proud of!

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