A group dedicated to the appreciation of footnotes[1], in all their glory.

Footnotes are not just for citations[3] — they can lend Pratchettian humor or a Danielewskiish air of drama[4] to a fictional work.  Join in and see the ways they can add depth to ponyfiction!


[1] These things.[2]

[2] Endnotes may also be considered to be included, even if not specifically named.

[3] (citation needed)

[4] Did you see what I did there? :ajsmug:[5]

[5] God, yes, you're so clever, we get it already. (sigh)

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#18 · 142w, 22h ago · · ·

Dang, there's really a group for everything, huh?

I thought I was the only one crazy enough to put footnotes and a bibliography in my story! :pinkiecrazy:

#17 · 142w, 1d ago · · ·


Oh, really now? I was only joking... maybe.

*unzips fly*

I really don't know, myself, sometimes.

*reaches in*


*pulls out a folded up dirty post-it note*

I ran out of pocket space for my PM. And I have a lot of pockets.


Ferret actually sent a PM. I guess that means you're left out of my gross little wtf secret :P I couldn't tell what you actually wanted.

My misinterpretation skills may be a fault, but it's far more fun that way.

Send a PM if you want to know that badly and get a bunch of "smut".

#16 · 142w, 2d ago · · ·

>>370435 Consider the query sent n__n

>>370432  Do you have to think about stuff like this or does it come to you naturally?

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Footnotes are usually pretty cool[1], but other times they can break immersion pretty badly[3].

[1]However, sometimes it might be better to use punctuation to separate additional information from a sentence.[2]

[2] Like the dashes. Those seriously don't get used enough.

[3]Other times,[4]

[4]People will use them to be annoying.[3][5]

[5]This footnote is even more pointless than the previous one.[5]

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Thanks for adding it, eh? Adding stuff to groups is apparently impossible on mobile, which is pretty much my only form of internetz[1]. This is almost as bad as when fimfic reformatted like a year ago on mobile and i couldn't follow people[2] without literally mashing the crap out of the iPhone screen to make that box appear that comes up when you hover your mouse over a person's name[3]. Thankfully, they changed it quite a few months ago so user pages are formatted to appear like they do on desktop.

[1]My phone bills are more OP than yours.

I hate my life.

[2]Bad Horse actually sent me a PM, wondering why I started following him at that point and presumably why I hadn't right after reading and faving one of his stories as is the norm. My answer was honest and rather embarrassing: cell phone limitations X_O

[3]Absolutely hard to make happen on an iPhone. I still don't know how I made it happen the few times I did.

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Oh, I can't change. It would completely ruin the approach I like to call "Good Cop/Bad Horse." It works a treat.


When it comes to the subject of eccentric units of measurement I am, of course, kidding.

I am completely serious about the Minotaur, though.


Vivat Horizon, Rex Notarum![1] For he is a just king, and his wrath falls only on the deserving.

Or annoying.

Or inconvenient.

Or the nearby, if he's bored.

A reasonably just king, then. Vivat! Both reasonable and just! Truly Footnotaria is twice blessed!

[1] Damn Latin for not having a word for 'footnote.' Pedenotarum? Madness. Notarum inferiorum? *sigh* I should have paid more attention in secondary school.

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Interesting. I always liked footnotes[1], but most readers seem to find them more intimidating than Pinkie with a sugar rush.

I might even have something to add. I'm going to put the finishing touches on a story I entered into a contest[3] after the results are released; perhaps then [4] I might think it fit for submission.

[1] As in, "I heard good things about this author, but a flat world atop a turtle... Wait, are these footnotes? Perhaps I should give him a chance, read one or two of his books[2]."

[2] Which turned into over half hundred, and still counting.

[3] the Body Swap contest of the Transformations group.

[4] and after adding a few more footnotes, naturally :raritywink:

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I've never used a foot thingy in my life?!:pinkiecrazy:

#10 · 142w, 2d ago · · ·


I don't think there's any need for this group to set content restrictions beyond the site's existing rules.  We are here for the footnotes; that's content-neutral!


In decreasing order of the severity of their crime: jihad, mass public shaming, outraged discussion in our forum, or (if there's some cleverness to it) addition to the "Insane Footnote Abuse" folder.[1]



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This should be fun.

Thanks for reminding me I need to buy House of Leaves[1].

[1] Published in 2000? Didn anyone see who stole the better part of 14 years?[2]

[2] It seems like that was only a few years ago.[3]

[3] Yay silliness.:pinkiehappy:

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Ah ha! You almost had me that time, Ghost! Almost...

Yet I still can't help but feel you might not be bullshitting. Damn, I'm gonna have to google it anyway. I am prepared to be had!

Edit: Dammit!

#7 · 142w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

Now, how are incorrectly used footnotes and/or endnotes to be dealt with?


All this does is make me curious...

#6 · 142w, 2d ago · · ·


Sometimes, I wonder how bad Bad Horse would be if you weren't there to keep him level. Actually, that's a very friggin scary thought, BH unleashed... O_o

Never change, Ghost. Please, never change... I'm grateful for  having unsoiled trousers after a BH story.

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Umm... anyone know if you can add stories if you're on mobile? I want to add Etiamsi Omnes, Ego Non: The Promises (first chap is an epic poem with footnotes) which is a sequel to this, which doesn't use footnotes.

Actually, maybe I should ask permission to add it first, because it's a story that basically is meant as an insult to Fall of Equestria. It'll possibly attract some negative attention to this group because of it. I dunno.

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Some of the very best moments in Pratchett books have been in the footnotes. :twilightsmile:

#3 · 142w, 2d ago · · ·


I dunno. I'm blaming horizon. I think he's pushier with footnotes than Ghost. After all, he made a friggin group about the things.

I dunno. I can appreciate footnotes. They have the word "foot" in them[1]. Sure. Ok, and they house useful backinfo.

[1]I'm being serious here. Don't ask unless you want an MWoT[2] of weird enthusiasm and a lot of "porn" dumped on you via PM :pinkiehappy:

[2]Mighty Wall o' Text

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Know some call is air am.

I am not as I was, Horizon.


How could it be? Why, my innocence rates at 11.3 kLb!

[1] The 'Lamb' innocence unit. It's a customary auxiliary unit in SI, as 1Ds/mR, that is to say, one driven snow (of pure motives) over a millirobbery of crime. It's equivalent to 2.3*10^2 of Doves Avoirdupois.

#1 · 142w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

This is all GoH's fault isn't it.

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